Posts By: Ann & Ron Reid

Ann and Ron Reid are the co-administrators of the Moving to Mexico Facebook group (membership at 25,000+), which they started after moving to Ajijic, Mexico in 2015. In following other Mexico expat groups, they found a lot of questions being asked about how to live legally in Mexico. There was a lot of misinformation and general confusion. Since they could find no one group dedicated to just moving to Mexico, they started their own Facebook group. It immediately took off, with more than a thousand members a month joining at first. They now live in Ensenada, Baja California, in a home near the beach. Originally temporary residents, they now have permanent residency there. Ann was a family law and bankruptcy attorney, as well as a technical writer in her past life. She uses these skills and experience to try and interpret Mexico law and help those who are planning to move to Mexico. Ron has become adept at researching the various issues that come up in the immigration process and so keeps on top of changes in legal requirements and passes those on to readers. He is also well versed in the requirements of bringing a vehicle into Mexico, as well as other issues that affect the expat community. Mexpro is proud to have experts like Ann and Ron as two of our writers and we hope you get the help you need when reading their articles.