List of United States-Mexico Border Crossings

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You have packed up your car, bought your Mexican auto insurance online and now you are ready to head to Mexico for a much needed beach vacation. The one thing you’ve not planned is your route to Mexico. An important factor is where the border crossing is located. In this article we offer the locations and information about U.S.-Mexico border crossings as well as information on which border crossings allow you to purchase a vehicle import permit for travel outside the Mexico Free Zone.


California – Baja California

Arizona – Sonora

New Mexico – Chihuahua

Texas – Chihuahua

Texas – Coahuila

Texas – Nuevo León

Texas – Tamaulipas

Before choosing your route and depending on how long it will take you to get to the border, you may want to check border crossing times before you cross the border.

Click here to see current border crossing times/waits (

Border Crossings Offering Vehicle Import Permits

If you are driving outside the Mexico Free Zone you will need a vehicle import permit. These can be obtained at the following border points:

We offer links to get border crossing times and information on which border crossings offer the purchase of vehicle import permits, which are required outside the Mexico Free Zone.

California Border Points

Arizona Border Points

Texas Border Points

For more information on Vehicle Import Permits click here.