About Mexpro

We made Mexico insurance online a thing!

We created Mexpro because we wanted to be able to purchase Mexico insurance online before heading to Mexico ourselves. We also saw the need to provide a product you could trust and count on when visiting a foreign country.

Since we were already in the insurance industry, it was easy for us to understand the differences between US and Mexico insurance and create a product that provided a simple experience for our customers.

We have built strong relationships with the top Mexico insurers, and have created options previously not available like English speaking adjusters and claims agents. We only work with Mexican companies who are rated for their history and ability to pay claims, and who treat their customers well.

Since 1999, the Mexico insurance Pros (Mexpro) have been making your Mexico insurance experience the best it can be. Whether you buy online, by phone, or when making a claim, we've got you covered!

Our Story

Jim and Andrea Labelle began Mexpro in their basement in 1999. Jim was essentially born into the insurance industry, as his father owned a prominent business in Scottsdale, Arizona. He had a strong understanding of the need for being insured with a quality [A-rated] insurance company when an accident occurs.

Andrea, always on the cutting edge of things, knew the internet was taking off and understood exactly what kind of quality product Jim was conceptualizing. She knew an online product was what they needed to do.

Jim's experience and Andrea's drive got them appointments with Mexico's top insurance companies. Before long, those companies were serving Mexpro's customers (now over 1 million) with bilingual policies, claims personnel and adjusters. All with the best quality coverage and the ease of purchasing online.

Our Partner Insurers

We chose to work with several insurance companies so we could allow you to choose the best coverage at a price you would be comfortable with. Our insurers provide the most competitive choices in coverage, pricing, and most importantly, financial stability. All our insurers are A-rated by A.M. Best and have a strong history of paying claims.

Our People

We have a wealth of experience in the insurance business, beginning with our founders, who started Mexpro with 20 years in the industry. Mexpro's agents have numerous professional designations including CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor), CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative). And, some of us are former employees of the world's largest insurance companies and brokerages.

Most of our staff of 25 employees have been employed with us for 10 years or more. We pride ourselves in a team who provides the highest level of service and are experts in Mexico auto insurance because at Mexpro, THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

Our Technology

Mexpro's patented quoting system was created in-house via a brilliant staff of programmers. All our IT people stay on the cutting edge in their area of expertise to be sure we meet all your needs. Whether it be finding what you need on our website or quickly getting a quote and policy, we are here to serve you.

Your Personal Information is Safe

Our website and quote forms are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted and we never keep your credit card information. Our systems are secure so you don’t have to worry about buying online with Mexpro.

An NFP Company

Mexpro was recently purchased by NFP, one of the Nation's leading insurance brokerages and consulting companies. Their dedication to customers and employees, as well as their mission of being honest and authentic, follows our business model and is a perfect fit.

Why Mexico Insurance?

Mexico liability insurance has always been required by law, but when Mexpro was founded, few visitors who traveled by car to Mexico knew this. If they did, they bought from small Mom & Pop agencies near the border. There was little guarantee that agents who sold these policies would submit your policy to the insurer, unless there was a claim. That meant, in the event of an accident, there could be big headaches in trying to get help from and submit claims to the Mexican insurance company.

Today, with Mexpro you can print your policy online before you leave, knowing you are insured with the best coverage available. If you do get into an accident you can call the 800 number on your policy and speak to a customer service agent in English. They will send a bilingual adjuster, right away, to the scene of the accident to help you file your claim. Mexpro makes it easy, so you can quickly get back to vacationing.

Don't Believe Us?

Read these testimonials from our happy customers...


ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ease of getting my trip insurance on your site. I am a regular customer and thanks for the convenience.

Chet Chetkauskas Surprise, Arizona

We purchased insurance from you for a recent Mexico trip, including Mex-Visit travel assist. When our car broke down I called the 800 number and a tow truck was called for us, which came in about an hour. The driver took us to a great mechanic who fixed the problem immediately, at a very reasonable price. Less than four hours after breaking down, we were back on the road and continued safely to our destination. I don't know what we would have done without your assistance. Thank-you. The insurance representative was very helpful &reassuring at a time when I was nervous about being stranded.



Mircea Buzila Youngtown, Arizona