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Road Trip to Guerrero Negro Mexico

Road Trip to Guerrero Negro... Lose the Tourists and Find Yourself in a Latin Paradise Looking for a relaxing trip with history and nature, at an affordable price. Then escape down the coast of Mexico's Baja Peninsula to find a quiet, natural paradise full of exotic marine animals in their natural habitats. You'll find them at Guerrero Negro, near Mexico's... Read More »

10 Fun Things You Might Not Know About Mexico

10 Fun Things You Might... Mexico Surprises: 10 Fun Things You Might Not Know When you think of Mexico, what comes to mind? For most, it likely revolves around tequila, tacos and beach resorts. But Mexico contains a wealth of culture, history and nature that most never discover. Read on for 10 fun facts you might not know about Mexico.... Read More »

Mexican Nostalgia: Chiles en Nogada, a Celebration of Independence

Chiles en nogada in decorative Mexican bowl Chiles en nogada, a dish from Mexican cuisine Mexican Independence Day, celebrating Mexico's independence from Spain, takes place this week, on September 16. The preparation and consumption of the traditional Mexican dish, Chiles en Nogada, precedes the Independence Day celebrations. "Walking through the gardens of memory, I discover that my recollections are associated with the... Read More »

Mexico Fiestas Patrias Patriotic Holidays

Mexico Fiestas Patrias Patriotic Holidays... Aniversario de la Constitución The Aniversario de la Constitución (Anniversary of the Constitution) is an annual celebration held in early February to commemorate the approval of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. Mexico has actually had three different constitutions. The first, was enacted on October 4th of 1824, after the overthrow of the... Read More »

Mexican Beer - Cerveza Mexicana

Mexican Beer - Cerveza Mexicana... Mesoamerican alcoholic beverages Over a thousand years ago the Mesoamerican peoples of ancient Mexico were drinking "pulque," an alcoholic substance made from fermented sap, extracted from the heart of the agave cactus. The Native American Tarahumara people of northwestern Mexico continue to use ground corn and native grasses to make a fermented corn beer called... Read More »