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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Tip in Mexico

When you travel, you naturally want to follow the customs of the place you’re travelling. One of the customs that varies a lot by country is tipping. Use this guide to help you determine how much and when to tip, whether you are at an all-inclusive resort, eating at a street vendor, or getting out of a taxi.

Tip in Pesos

Peso bills and coins in a flat basket for a tip Do your best to tip in pesos, Mexico’s national currency. This is true even if you have been paying for most things in dollars.

The people serving you will have to go to a Casa de Cambio (foreign exchange house) to exchange your dollars into pesos and they will take a hit on the conversion. It also takes time out of their busy days, and some of them only get one day off a week. Tipping in pesos shows consideration for them.

Tip Everyone Providing You a Service

In Mexico, the custom is to tip almost everyone that provides you with a service. The people you normally would tip in your country get tipped as well as many others you may not think of as needing one. That means that you tip wait staff, hairdressers, bell hops, and delivery people. In addition, you should be tipping the baggers at the grocery store, the parking “attendant,” and the gas station attendants (both petrol and propane). Below is your guide on who and what amounts to tip.

Who and How Much to Tip






Enjoy Mexico

As you can see, tipping is a big part of Mexican employment culture. Try to be kind and alert to when a tip may be appropriate. Wages in Mexico are generally low and service workers depend upon tips to support their families.

Follow these “tips” on how to tip in Mexico and be confident that you have helped those who are serving you and know your contribution will be appreciated. And you likely will continue to get better service if you take care of those that are helping you.