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How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

November 3, 2016 by

How to Celebrate the Day... Mexpro's Itzel Greenheck, originally from Central Mexico, explains the traditions around the Day of the Dead, and describes how she celebrates in the US. Before Day of the Dead became a trendy celebration among Latino and non-Latino communities in the US, I was already a huge fan. As a matter of fact, when I came... Read More »

Monterrey: Mexico’s Modern City

April 15, 2013 by

Monterrey: Mexico’s Modern City When living in Saltillo, Mexico, Monterrey is your go-to place when you need some sort of big-city fix. While my home city, Saltillo, has more than 650,000 inhabitants, it lacks many of the features of a more modern economic hub. Luckily Monterrey is just a 40-minute drive from where I live. From the onset, Monterrey... Read More »

Mexico, Not So Third World Anymore

December 17, 2012 by

For Americans, Mexico is a close neighbor and is often referred to as “our backyard.” The US has had Latin and Mexican influence for centuries and it’s been embedded into the American culture, in many ways more so than the influence of the British. We gringos (gringo is just the Mexican slang for a US... Read More »