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Who Is Banjercito? And Why Do I Need to Know About Them?

Temporary Importation Permit BanjercitoWhen it comes to importing a vehicle into Mexico for temporary use, you need to know about Banjercito. Are you traveling to Mexico soon and need more information? Keep reading.

What is a TIP?

Banjercito is a military bank that helps individuals obtain temporary importation permits for vehicles being brought into Mexico by those visiting the country. If you intend to travel into Mexico past the "free zone," obtaining a permit is vital. And failure to obtain one could result in the surrender your vehicle to Mexican authorities. Fortunately, these permits cost approximately $44 USD plus taxes and will cover your vehicle for trips and temporary stays in Mexico.

How to Obtain a TIP

You can obtain a TIP online on the Banjercito website, at most border locations or get one in person at one of the following U.S.-based Banjercito locations:

Required Information

In addition to the cost of the permit, vehicle owners must also make a refundable deposit of $400 USD for vehicles manufactured in 2007 and newer, $300 for vehicles produced between 2001 and 2006, and $200 for those older than 2001. Furthermore, with regards to documents, the following information must be submitted:

Overall, getting a TIP can be easy if you follow this short guide. Moreover, when you are finished with the permit, simply return it to any Banjercito Bank located on the border.

Get more information about getting a Temporary Importation permit on our website.

Find Banjercito locations at the border:
Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas.