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For each of the last ten years, thousands of visitors who drive their car into Mexico have purchased Mexican insurance through the website – to ensure their vehicle is properly protected while South of the Border.

Each year, Mexpro's staff compiles a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that consumers of Mexico auto insurance inquire about. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that Mexpro has received over the years.

It is ironic that most of us use great care when purchasing insurance in the US or Canada, yet use a lesser standard of care when purchasing an auto insurance policy for travel to Mexico. The answers to our FAQ's will help you make a better-informed decision when purchasing auto liability insurance in Mexico.

When purchasing any type of Mexican auto insurance, buyers should analyze a number of issues including:

  1. Do I need to purchase coverage from a Mexican Insurer?
  2. What are the differences between a US and Mexico auto insurance policy?
  3. What type of Mexico auto insurance coverage do I need, and at what limits?
  4. Are the US Broker and Mexican Insurer they represent reputable and in sound financial condition?

Why do I need to purchase coverage from a Mexican auto insurance company?

Mexico law mandates that only insurance companies that are licensed and admitted in Mexico can provide civil liability auto insurance coverage that is recognized by the judicial system of Mexico. Although a few US insurance companies will extend physical damage coverage (collision, comprehensive) on your auto or RV while you are driving in Mexico, they cannot and do not provide Mexican liability.

Differences between US and Mexican coverage; what type of auto insurance and what limits do I need?

There are tremendous coverage differences between US and Mexican auto insurance policies, and far too many minor differences to list here. The following are some of the major differences outlined by type of insurance.

Is the US Broker, providing insurance for Mexico, Reputable?

Thousands of US insurance agents and brokers offer insurance for Mexico. Logically, a great number of these agents are located close to the border. Some of the important distinctions to keep in mind when choosing an agent or broker for Mexico auto insurance are:

  1. Does the agent or broker use online systems to issue these auto liability policies in Mexico, so that the data is immediately available via the web to authorities in Mexico?

  2. Does the agent have experience in the Mexico auto insurance market and in the US market? It is important that the agent you work with has a vast knowledge of the differences between US and Mexico auto insurance and can counsel you regarding the potential gaps in coverage among these policies. Purchasers of insurance for Mexico should have confidence that they will receive professional, knowledgeable service when they need the coverage to respond or in the event of a coverage dispute. Check with your US agent to see if they offer Mexico Auto Insurance. Your US agent or broker can issue a Mexpro policy for you via

  3. Most reputable insurance agents carry Errors and Omissions insurance to protect themselves, and their customers, when legitimate mistakes are made. Ask your agent if he or she carries Errors and Omissions insurance; it will protect both you and your agent in the event of a coverage dispute.

Is the Mexican Auto Insurance Company Reputable?

As the global economic environment continues in a state of uncertainty, it may be more important than ever to purchase Mexican auto insurance from a financially strong insurer. No matter how reputable your agent or broker, if they are placing your insurance with a troubled insurer you could be in for some unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim.

There are over 50 insurance companies in Mexico, similar to the US, some are good and some are bad. Purchasers of auto liability insurance in Mexico should continually check the website to ensure that the insurer is rated and has an A-rating.

Although some US insurers have purchased ownership interests in Mexican auto insurance companies, these Mexican companies operate independently of the US parent company.

Ask your agent about the size and financial strength of the Insurance companies they use; in the event of further economic problems and/or the devaluation of the Peso, coupled with a few natural disasters such as a hurricane or flood, how will the insurer fare?

Most consumers would never use an unrated insurer to purchase US or Canadian insurance. Likewise, you should never purchase Mexico auto insurance coverage from an unrated insurer!

As you can see, insurance in Mexico is just as complex as it is in the US. Although all types of insurance are available in Mexico, coverage, terms and conditions vary greatly among insurers. For a free, no obligation coverage analysis and quotation, with the option to purchase and print your policy online, please visit

Written By , Chief Revenue Officer