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The Best Surfing in Northern Baja

The Best Surfing in Northern... The Northern Baja Peninsula is one of the best locations for surfing in Mexico, with several beaches offering great waves all year round. Although the peak season is summer, surfers are rarely disappointed when visiting beaches such as Rosarito and K-38. Here's your guide to some of the most popular beaches. Rosarito Beach One of... Read More »

Surfing Spots Around Los Cabos

Los Cabos Surfing Destinations Always surf with proper care Surfing is definitely an adrenaline inducing sport with some serious potential for fun, but also some serious potential for danger. If you are just starting out, or maybe just a little rusty, there are many reputable surf schools in the Los Cabos area that can help... Read More »

Southern Baja Pacific Coast Surfing

Baja California Sur Pacific Coast Surfing Destinations There are many great surfing spots located all along the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur. In this article, I will point out a number of surf destinations that are all typically a little harder to get to, which also typically means they are less crowded. Bahía Tortugas... Read More »

Northern Baja California Surfing Destinations

Baja California Norte Surfing Destinations Some of the best surfing destinations in Northern Baja California are located all along the pacific coast. Surfers from Southern California have been flocking to the Northern Baja California region for decades. With a passport, and a Mexico car insurance policy in hand, many great surfing spots can easily be... Read More »