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Will My Cell Phone Work in Mexico?

If you’re like most people, you can’t imagine traveling without your cell phone. It’s not just a communication device, it’s also a valuable source of information, a GPS navigation device, a useful tool in emergencies, and, of course, a camera.

Using your cell phone in Mexico can be tricky though, especially if you’re not familiar with the country’s telecommunications infrastructure. In this article, we’ll let you know what the options are for using a cell phone in Mexico, so you can stay connected without headaches.

Mexico has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure, with both mobile and fixed-line networks covering most of the country. Mexico has good coverage for 3G and 4G networks, especially in major cities.

What Are the Options for Using a Cell Phone in Mexico

International Cell Phone Plans

Before taking your cell phone to Mexico you want to find out what plans are available from your phone carrier. With so many changes in cell phone plans and technology over the years, you may have international calling and data available as part of your service plan.

Many carriers in the United States, like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others include international travel to Mexico and Canada in their plans. In that case, you’re good to go. Enjoy using your phone in Mexico.

Some cell phone carriers have international features or add-ons you can request, or international agreements that allow you to use your cell phone in Mexico for a price.

Be sure to contact your cell phone carrier/company to determine if your current cell phone plan includes international service, what costs are associated, if any, and how you will be charged. Be sure to ask about extra costs that could show up on your monthly bill, roaming, and data charges.

When a Mexico SIM Card or Phone is Beneficial

In some instances, purchasing a Mexico SIM card for use with your phone, that includes a data plan may be a lot cheaper alternative. These include:

If your phone is unlocked, you can purchase a SIM card in most cities that has Mexican service. Look for Telcel, AT&T, and Movistar shops. Be sure you do not lose your non-Mexico SIM card so you can use it when you return to your home country.

You can also purchase an inexpensive phone that works with the same Mexican carriers. You’ll lose the convenience of having your personal digital ecosystem, data, logins, pictures, etc., but you won’t have to worry about things like connection availability or pricing.

With a SIM card or Mexican phone, you’ll have a Mexican phone number and won’t have to worry about roaming charges.

Steps to Take Before Taking Your Mobile Phone to Mexico

Do these things before you go to Mexico and you’ll be better prepared to use your phone there.

How to Call the U.S. or Canada from Mexico

Making international phone calls isn’t as simple as dialing the phone numbers like you do in your home country.

International calls require first dialing the exit code of the country you’re currently in, followed by the country code of where you are calling, then, finally the standard phone number.

If you’re calling the U.S. from Mexico:

  1. Dial Mexico’s exit code, “00”

  2. Then dial “1,” the country code for the U.S. and Canada

  3. Then dial the full U.S. phone number, including the area code.

For example, if you are trying to call someone in the U.S. from Mexico, you would dial “00-1-area code-###-####.”

Emergency Numbers

“911” is the phone number to call in the event of an emergency in Mexico.

For travel or roadside assistance you can call “078” for the Mexico’s Green Angels.

How to Keep Your Cell Phone Safe in Mexico

When you’re in a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to take some precautions with your electronic devices, and your mobile phone is no exception. Here are a few tips for keeping your phone safe while in Mexico:

  1. Make sure you have a strong password lock on your phone. This will help deter anyone from trying to access your device if it’s lost or stolen.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings when using your phone in public. Thieves may be looking for opportunities to snatch phones from unsuspecting tourists.
  3. Keep your phone in a secure place when you’re not using it. A hotel safe or other lockable storage option is ideal.
  4. Use a reliable phone case to protect your device from damage. Make sure your phone is protected.
  5. Plan for the heat. Don’t leave your phone in a hot car or outside in the sun where it can overheat. Keep your use of background apps to a minimum so you don’t stress your phone battery. The more you use, the hotter the phone gets. If you have problems seeing the screen in the bright sun, consider getting a glare protector for your phone.
  6. Keep your important contact information backed up in a safe place in case you lose your phone while in Mexico.

Take these basic precautions and you’ll be able to stay connected while staying safe.

What to Do if Your Cell Phone is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged in Mexico

The loss of your phone, by whatever means, can be a stressful experience, but by taking a few simple steps you can minimize it.

Here are some suggestions on what to do.

When You Return Home from Mexico

After a fun-filled vacation in Mexico, you’ll likely be looking forward to getting home and relaxing in your bed. However, before you can do that, there are a few things you need to take care of.

  1. If you used your cell phone in Mexico, you’ll need to make sure you reset it to its original settings. This will ensure that you don’t get any unwanted charges on your bill.
  2. It’s always a good idea to let your cell phone provider know that you’ve returned from Mexico. This way, they can reinstate any features or services that may have been suspended while you were away.
  3. If you used a Mexico SIM card, be sure to replace it with your U.S. or Canadian SIM.
  4. If you have any photos or videos stored on your phone, be sure to back them up before you delete them. Otherwise, you might lose them forever!

Purchasing and Having proof of Mexico Insurance on Your Cell Phone

If you’re driving to Mexico in your vehicle, you’re going to need Mexico-specific car insurance.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to find it quickly, easily, and affordably with Mexpro.

Visit our website for more information on our quoting and buying process.

Once you’ve wrapped up the purchasing process, we’ll send you an email with your insurance policy as a PDF. We suggest you print this out as soon as possible and keep it on you at all times while traveling. As a backup, you should also have a digital version on your phone:

  1. Open the policy PDF on your phone.

  2. Make sure to download it or save it to your device so that you can access it without a data or Wi-Fi connection.

  3. Know how to find it when you’ll need it by reading how to find files on your Android or iPhone.

It Pays to Be Prepared

Whether you’re looking to keep your digital ecosystem – from your vacation photos to your important documents – all in one place, or you want to avoid the stress of surprise charges on your phone bill, it pays to be prepared before traveling to Mexico. You don’t want to be stuck without a way to communicate with family, work, or get directions.

Don’t forget to…

Following these tips will help you stay connected while you’re in Mexico and avoid stressful surprises.

Enjoy your vacation and stay safe!

You can find more useful tips for traveling to Mexico on our Mexpro blog.