Easy, Affordable, Quality RV Coverage in Mexico

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Get Highly Competitive Rates on Mexican RV Insurance that Best Suits Your Needs.

  We offer policies on a daily basis, or in six month or annual terms.

  All repairs and claims can be settled in the U.S. or Canada.

  We offer caravan discounts, call us to inquire.

Save Money

We have revamped our full coverage RV program. Get highly competitive rates and the best value in the marketplace.

If you have a recreational vehicle with a high value, it may be expensive to insure in Mexico. To reduce this expense, you may be able to add a 'Mexico Physical Damage' endorsement to your U.S. insurance policy. This endorsement covers physical damage and could be the least expensive way to insure your RV in Mexico.

Be Protected

It is important to review your U.S. RV policy before assuming it will take care of your insurance needs while traveling in Mexico. If your U.S./Canada RV policy does not offer a Mexico endorsement, or the endorsement does not offer enough coverage, you can get our full coverage policy.

Liability Only

Liability only RV insurance covers damages to another person or other property resulting from an accident you cause. A liability only policy provides the most basic insurance coverage you can get, and the minimum required to have when driving in Mexico. Your RV is not covered with this policy.

Full Coverage

Full coverage refers to liability plus vehicle coverage. Our Premium full coverage policy has increased limits, low deductibles and additional coverages that make it among the broadest policies available in Mexico.

Are you towing?


The price of our Mexico RV insurance policies are primarily based on these factors:

  1.  Number of days in Mexico
  2.  Vehicle value
  3.  Liability limits you choose
  4.  Level of legal and roadside assistance coverage you choose
  5.  Deductible you choose
  6.  Whether you choose to add vandalism & partial theft coverage