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Whether you are driving an RV to Mexico for the weekend or the winter, you need insurance. A recreational vehicle, motor home or travel trailer with a high value can be expensive to insure in Mexico. To reduce this expense, it may be best to add a "Mexico Physical Damage" endorsement to your U.S. insurance policy. This endorsement covers physical damage in Mexico. It is the best and least expensive way to insure your RV in Mexico.

If your insurer doesn't offer a Mexico endorsement, you may want to visit Mexpro’s U.S. RV page or call our office at for RV Insurance for the US and Mexico. We can provide you with numerous options from U.S. insurers who extend physical damage insurance coverage for Mexico for a very low premium. This option can translate into savings that can reach thousands of dollars off your RV insurance in Mexico!

If you are Canadian and cannot take advantage of these savings, it's still advantageous to check our rates. We continually work with our carriers to lower insurance rates on RVs, travel trailers and fifth wheels in Mexico.

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