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Save Money

We have revamped our full coverage RV program. Get highly competitive rates and the best value in the marketplace.

If you have a recreational vehicle with a high value, it may be expensive to insure in Mexico. To reduce this expense, you may be able to add a Mexico Physical Damage endorsement to your U.S. insurance policy. This endorsement covers physical damage and could be the least expensive way to insure your RV in Mexico.

Be Protected

It is important to review your U.S./Canadian RV policy before assuming it will take care of your insurance needs while traveling in Mexico. Usually it will not, or only for a short distance past the U.S. border.

If your RV insurer does not offer a Mexico endorsement, or the endorsement does not offer enough coverage, you can buy a full coverage policy from Mexpro from top insurers.

Liability Only

Liability only RV insurance covers damages to another person or other property resulting from an accident you cause. A liability only policy provides the most basic insurance coverage you can get, and the minimum required when driving in Mexico. Your RV is not covered with this policy.

Full Coverage

Full coverage refers to liability plus RV coverage. Our Premium full coverage policy protects your RV against collision, fire, overturn, theft, and vandalism. It offers increased limits, low deductibles, and additional coverages that make it among the broadest policies available in Mexico.

Are You Towing?

Mexican insurance can be confusing when it comes to insuring a towed unit. On Mexpro Mexico RV insurance policies, all towed units have liability coverage, but ONLY while being towed. You do not have to list your towed unit on your policy to get this coverage.

If you want physical damage and theft coverage while your item is being towed and when it is being used in Mexico, you must add it to your RV policy or obtain another policy for the towed unit. The process depends on what is being towed and the coverage you desire.

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Our A-Rated Mexico RV Insurance Companies

Mexpro is dedicated to providing only top-tier rv insurance companies to our customers. Our insurers are financially stable, A.M. Best A-Rated, and have a strong history of favorable claims settlement. With our companies you can expect competitive pricing and choices so you can find a policy that meets your needs.