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Our Hearts Go Out to Mexico!

September 22, 2017 by

Our Hearts Go Out to... Mexpro Sends Our Deepest Sympathies to Mexico Mexpro sends our deepest sympathies to those affected by the recent earthquakes and hurricanes in Mexico, and our hope that you have not sustained serious damage to your belongings, self, family or friends. We are sending prayers to you and all of Mexico.     Mexpro Insurers in... Read More »

Pope Francis Making Waves in Mexico

February 15, 2016 by

Pope Francis Making Waves in... Yesterday, just one day after Pope Francis’ arrival in Mexico City, he challenged Mexican political and social leaders to take care of its citizens through “adequate housing, dignified employment, food, true justice, effective security, a healthy and peaceful environment." Making good on a pre-visit promise to speak out against corruption and crime in Mexico, he... Read More »

Should airport shooting scare travelers?

July 5, 2012 by

Travelers wouldn't fly through the Mexico City airport to get to popular locations such as Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta, said Braly, owner of Now Voyager Travel in Huntington Beach, California. "My personal experience is that every place I send people in Mexico, there's never been a problem." Journey Mexico founder and owner... Read More »