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Going to Mexico for the holidays? It’s got to be the best idea I can think of: lots of sunny beaches, delicious food, great shopping, friendly people—and it’s all affordable. What more could you ask for? But like all things it’s not perfect, and there are just a few differences in the culture that knowing… Read more »


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Can you trust your Mexican insurer? Mexico insurance companies are notorious for not paying claims, being unreliable in the event of an accident, and going out of business. Getting and using Mexican insurance could be a sketchy prospect. However, those that are fueling these claims usually purchased from fly-by-night companies that they knew little about. How… Read more »


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The short answer is: yes. If you’re asking, I’m assuming you’re not talking about walking, taking a bus or plane into Mexico, but driving to Mexico. Here’s the scoop… US/Canadian Insurance is not accepted by Mexican Authorities. Mexican authorities do not accept insurance that is not underwritten (issued) by a Mexican company. So even if… Read more »


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San Carlos is a large subdivision of the city of Guaymas in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It is located nearly 14 miles from the Guaymas city center, and sits on the Gulf of California. Small and independent, with just 7,000 residents, San Carlos has long been a favorite among American tourists, thanks to the… Read more »