Tips for Driving Safely to your Mexican Holiday Getaway, Part 2: Traversing the Countryside

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Traversing Mexico © Al Barrus

I’ve just completed a road trip myself. I drove all the way from Saltillo, Mexico, back home to the Seattle area: 42 hours of drive time down and a whole lot of anxiety behind me. The first day of driving was on the country highways of Mexico in Coahuila. Even seasoned Mexican motorists consider the… Read more »

Expat’s Thanksgiving: Celebrating Northern Holiday Traditions South of the Border

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Expat Thanksgiving © Al Barrus

I’ve just now passed my third consecutive year of celebrating the US tradition of Thanksgiving while living in Mexico. It’s been interesting for me, because I’ve never had to be a principal chef of a feast before coming to Mexico. Even when I was in the military, even living overseas in Baghdad, the chow halls… Read more »

Hey Gringos: Come to Mexico and Live the Revolution

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Hey Gringo © Al Barrus

After two years of life in Mexico as an expat I’ve noticed some very big differences from my own North American culture. That’s the Mexican people’s willingness to take to the streets and use force if necessary when they’re discontent with their government’s policies. November is the month of the revolution in Mexico. The revolution… Read more »