Drivers License policies cover multiple vehicles with liability only coverage.

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Mexico Driver's License, or Named Driver Liability-Only Insurance

Mexico driver's license, or named driver policies provide the driver(s), named on the policy, liability only coverage while operating any vehicle. This policy is designed for the insured who drives multiple vehicles in Mexico. It does not require any U.S. or Canadian physical damage or theft coverage. You can choose liability limits of $300,000 or $500,000. Our driver's license policies also include MexVisit® Travel, Legal, Roadside assistance.

Reasons to Purchase a Driver's License Policy:


You have multiple vehicles you wish to drive in Mexico. Or, the age, condition and/or value of the vehicle does not justify obtaining physical damage or theft coverage.


Your vehicles are covered for physical damage and theft in Mexico under a U.S. or Canadian insurance policy.


You have registered, street legal motorcycles, ATVs, quads, and/or golf carts that are ineligible for other types of coverage.


Underwritten By

Our driver's license policies are underwritten by Grupo Nacional Provincial, one of the top Mexico auto insurance companies, authorized and recognized in Mexico. Many Mexico insurance companies are small or not rated; make sure you check the quality of the insurer you purchase from, and verify that they carry an A.M. Best or Standard and Poor's rating.

How much does it cost?

The price of Mexpro's driver's license policies are determined by the amount of liability coverage you choose, and the number of drivers listed on the policy.

How do I get a drivers license policy?

While filling out our quote request form. Select "Drivers License Policy" in the drop down menu, next to Vehicle Type. Then continue with your quote.