Coverage for ATV’s and Utility Vehicles in Mexico

Historically, Mexico insurers have not offered any physical damage coverage for ATV's nor Utility Vehicles, except when being towed.

Mexpro now provides Physical Damage and Theft coverage for some ATV's and Utility Vehicles while self-propelled in Mexico!

When insuring your ATV’s and Quads, please follow this process:

  1. If you do NOT want Physical Damage nor theft on the ATV/UTV at any time (neither while in tow nor while self-propelled or decoupled from the towing unit), there is nothing that you need to list on the policy. Liability only coverage applies to any towed unit while being towed, whether listed on the policy or not.

  2. If you want Physical Damage and Theft coverage on the ATV/UTV, but only when they are in tow, list them on the primary policy with a corresponding Actual Cash Value.

  3. If you want Physical Damage and Theft coverage on the ATV/UTV both while in tow, and also when decoupled and/or self-propelled, write a separate policy insuring these self-propelled units for either Liability Only or Physical Damage, and the coverage you choose (Liability only or Physical Damage) will apply both while in tow and while self- propelled.

    It is important to note that any coverage applies only if the ATV/UTV is street legal (licensed and registered), and only while the ATV/UTV is on conventional roads.

    The deductible for ATV's and UTV's is $2000 USD while decoupled from the towing unit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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