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ATV / UTV Insurance in Mexico

Mexpro is the only company who offers physical damage and theft insurance coverage on ATVs and Utility Vehicles (UTVs) in Mexico. If your ATV/UTV is street legal (licensed and registered in the U.S. or Canada), and driven only on conventional roads in Mexico, Mexpro's got you covered!

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Physical Damage and Theft Coverage

Historically, Mexico insurers have not offered physical damage coverage for ATVs nor Utility Vehicles, except when being towed. With Mexpro you can get ATV and Utility Vehicle coverage if:

  • The vehicle(s) is considered street legal, or licensed and registered in the U.S. or Canada. *Depending on the State, some registrations are considered 'Off-Road' or 'Off Highway.' This is valid registration and can be insured for road use while in Mexico.

  • They are only driven on marked Mexico federal highways and roadways. Off-road use is strictly excluded from all policy packages.

  • The operator is 25 years of age or older.

  • You are not permitted to tow with your ATV/UTV per the policy Terms & Conditions.

How to Insure Your ATV/UTV

We have several options for insuring your ATV/UTV, depending on the coverage you desire.


No Coverage / Liability
While in Tow

If you do not want physical damage or theft coverage on your ATV/UTV, you do not need to purchase a policy. Our auto insurance policies provide liability coverage on all towed units, listed or not.


Physical Damage & Theft
While in Tow

If you want Physical Damage and Theft coverage on your ATV/UTV, but only when they are in tow, list them on your primary auto policy with a corresponding Actual Cash Value.


Physical Damage & Theft

Physical Damage and Theft coverage are provided while in tow and when decoupled and self-propelled with a separate policy. Remember, coverage applies only if the ATV/UTV is street legal (licensed and registered), and only while the ATV/UTV is on conventional roads. This coverage is offered with a $2,000 deductible.


All-terrain Vehicles

ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) have four wheels and are considered to be a single operator vehicle. Some models allow one additional passenger.


Utility Vehicles

A UTV is a "Side by Side" (SxS) off-road vehicle that has a single operator and can have up to five additional passengers. Other names include utility task vehicle, ROV (recreational off-highway vehicle) or MOHUV (multipurpose off-highway utility vehicle).

Insuring Aftermarket Upgrades

Lots of ATV and UTV owners are concerned about insuring aftermarket accessories added to their vehicles. Many spend thousands of extra dollars to purchase bolt-on convenience, appearance, and performance enhancing parts for their machines.

When deciding what dollar amount to add to the vehicle value to include add-ons, consider that depreciation still applies for accessories the same way it does for the vehicle itself.

In the event of a loss, you would also need proof of the existence of the add-ons. It is important that you maintain and have purchase receipts and photos available to share with an insurance adjuster in case you need to file a claim.