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5 Best Places to Enjoy Christmas in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta malecon at dusk during the Christmas season It's getting down to the wire for planning a Christmas vacation, but you still may be looking, and I'm here to help. If grand parties and festivals, affordable prices and warm weather is what you are looking for—then Mexico is for you. These cities offer tons to do whether you'll be on a family vacation,... Read More »

Mexico's Independence

Mexico's Independence September was usually a bit of a bummer for most of us growing up in the US. For me, it meant I had to go back to school and the weather got colder. In Mexico the children have to go back to school right along with the kids in North America, but there is much... Read More »

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Cinco de Mayo in Mexico... As you may have read in my previous articles, the Fifth of May is more of a regional holiday in Mexico. In the US it's sort of a Mexican pride holiday where people parade the tri-color flag and Mexico's emblem all over the place. For a lot of people, it's mostly just another reason to... Read More »