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Mexican Beer - Cerveza Mexicana

Mexican Beer - Cerveza Mexicana... Mesoamerican alcoholic beverages Over a thousand years ago the Mesoamerican peoples of ancient Mexico were drinking "pulque," an alcoholic substance made from fermented sap, extracted from the heart of the agave cactus. The Native American Tarahumara people of northwestern Mexico continue to use ground corn and native grasses to make a fermented corn beer called... Read More »

Chocolate's Mexico Origins

Some of my favorite foods come from Mexico Having grown up in southern Arizona, close to the Mexico border, I have long been a fan of delicious Mexican cuisine. Tacos, tamales, enchiladas, flautas, chimichangas, fajitas, chile rellenos, burritos, quesadillas, chili colorado, chili verde, and cheesy nachos with jalapeños, are some of my favorite dishes. I... Read More »

Mexico's Mesoamerican Pyramid Sites

Mexico's Mesoamerican Pyramid Sites Let's go visit some pyramids! Sure, the pyramids in Egypt are spectacular, but you don't necessarily have to travel half way around the globe to see some excellent examples of ancient pyramids. Mexico, our next door neighbor to the south, has many remarkable archeological sites that you can actually drive to. Below is a list... Read More »

Hey Gringos: Come to Mexico and Live the Revolution

Photo of poster of Pancho Villa saying I want you Gringo! to fight in the Mexican Revolution After two years of life in Mexico as an expat I've noticed some very big differences from my own North American culture. That's the Mexican people's willingness to take to the streets and use force if necessary when they're discontent with their government's policies. November is the month of the revolution in Mexico. The revolution... Read More »

Mexico's Independence

Mexico's Independence September was usually a bit of a bummer for most of us growing up in the US. For me, it meant I had to go back to school and the weather got colder. In Mexico the children have to go back to school right along with the kids in North America, but there is much... Read More »