Spanish Speaking Resources for Traveling to Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country, full of history, interesting people, astounding sights, and amazing food. You can be exploring ancient ruins in the morning and eating world-class cuisine by evening!

To prepare for a trip to this warm country, both in people and climate, you might want to learn the national language, Spanish. Even knowing just a little bit of this language will assist you in navigating the country. While many people in major cities will speak or understand a bit of English, to truly delve into the culture and history as well as travel off the beaten path, you should learn the basics of the Spanish language.

Spanish is deeply embedded in the history of Mexico, so every tourist should make the effort to at least learn a few important phrases. You don’t want to be stuck in a town where no one understands you, especially in an emergency, and Spanish is both fun and useful to learn.

A huge number of countries speak Spanish, so it’s a skill that will follow you wherever you go, bringing value to your life no matter where you choose to use it. Learning Spanish is as easy as learning the grammar, a bit of vocabulary, and then some important phrases to make sure that you can convey what you need to tell people in an emergency.

Spanish Pronunciation Guide

While Spanish and English are sometimes similar, some letters are pronounced slightly differently.

Basic Spanish Grammar

Learn pronouns and the most important verbs to communicate in Mexico.

Ten Basic Spanish Grammar Rules You Can’t Forget

How do you pluralize? How about contractions and gender? Learn all about the quirks of Spanish.

Negatives and Double Negatives

Learning to say no is just as important as learning to say yes.

Spanish Grammar for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Habla Español written with white penThese small hacks will help you navigate the parts of the language you don’t know yet.

50 Basic Spanish Words and Phrases for Beginners

If you just want to memorize a list, this is the list to memorize.

Spanish Core 100 Word List

This list includes sentence examples, pronunciations, and definitions for the most common words in the Spanish language.

Fundamental Spanish Phrases to Learn Right Away

These phrases are a great way to start your learning journey. They’ll allow you to understand basic pleasantries and useful phrases.

A Basic Guide to Spanish Vocabulary

This is not just a list of words but a guide to how to learn vocabulary effectively.

Top 400 Spanish Words

This worksheet will test you on the most common words in Spanish.

Basic Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Learning words alone is helpful, but learning important phrases is necessary as well.

71 Common Spanish Phrases to Help You Survive Your First Conversation With a Native

With this cheat sheet, you can make it through a conversation before you know your grammar!

50 Common Spanish Phrases

This phrasebook focuses on only the most important phrases.

Useful Spanish Phrases

This straightforward table will help you say everything from “I love you” to “My hovercraft is full of eels.”

105 Common Spanish Phrases to Learn Before Traveling

If you have the time to memorize all of these, this master list of helpful Spanish phrases is likely to come in handy.

15 Easy Ways to Practice Spanish Throughout the Day

Knowing the words and grammar isn’t enough if you never practice the language.

How to Find Someone to Practice Your Spanish With, No Matter Where You Live

The best way to practice is to talk to someone, but how do you find them and pluck up the courage?

Three Ways to Practice Spanish This Weekend

Need a kick in the pants? This quick guide will help you get a bit of practice in on a lazy weekend.

Three Steps to Improve your Spanish Listening

Can you read Spanish but not understand it spoken? Use these steps and you’ll get to the next level.

Spanish Proficiency Test

Ready to test your knowledge of the language? Try this test to see what you know and what you need to work on.

Cervantes Spanish Language Test

This test sorts your level from A1 to C1 so you know how advanced you are.

Spanish Test: How Good Is Your Spanish?

This test is geared toward professionals looking to work in Spain.

AIL Madrid Test

This test gets more difficult as it continues, so you can take it again as your language improves.

Intermediate Practice Readings: Passage 1

If you’ve already passed the beginner stage, find some great practice readings for intermediate learners here.

Spanish Vocabulary: Colors

Learn the basics of colors with this vocabulary list.