What You Should Know About Mexico RV Insurance

The love of RVing leads a lot folks across the border into Mexico. Warm weather, good people, beautiful scenery, and an inexpensive cost of living make it an ideal getaway. However, there are certain things you should know about Mexico RV Insurance that can save you money, and make your trip go a lot more smoothly.

Sticker Shock

Many of Mexpro's clients get "sticker shock" when they call for a quote for a Mexico RV Insurance policy — especially if they have an expensive motorhome. The cost for Physical Damage coverage on an RV Insurance policy for Mexico is based on the value of the unit, whereas liability coverage is more of a flat rate.

Why It's Expensive

What makes it expensive is that you must have a U.S. RV Insurance policy, and then you also need to purchase a separate policy for Physical Damage in Mexico. The liability portion will always be a separate policy, but is fairly inexpensive.

The Solution

The smartest, simplest, and least expensive way to get around this problem is to purchase your U.S. policy with a Mexico Physical Damage endorsement added.

Covering Your RV with Auto Insurance

What folks need to remember is that an RV is not so much a vehicle, as it is a home on wheels. You may currently have your RV covered with a standard U.S. auto insurance company, but that usually will not give you all of the benefits and protection that an actual RV insurance policy will give you.

Buying RV Insurance

Companies are available that can offer physical damage on your RV while you are traveling in Mexico for a much lower rate than you would pay for a U.S. policy, and then an additional Mexico physical damage policy.

Switching your RV insurance policy over to a company that will offer Mexico coverage and then simply purchasing a Mexican Liability policy through Mexpro can save you hundreds, if not thousands a year off of your RV Insurance.

Copies of Your Policies

Another helpful hint for traveling in Mexico would be to always print out two copies of your RV Insurance policy. Keep one in your glove box, ready to show authorities in case of an accident or mishap, and one in a purse or somewhere outside of the unit. That way, if you get separated from your motorhome, you want to be sure that you have the phone numbers available if you need to make a claim or use your MexVisit® travel assistance.

File All Claims in Mexico

Lastly, remember to ALWAYS file your claim in Mexico! If you wait until you are back on American soil to call and file your incident report, chances are your claim will be denied.

Enjoy your time in Mexico and contact us if you need any assistance regarding an RV Insurance policy. Or purchase a policy now with Mexpro.