Full Coverage Car Insurance for Mexico

Full coverage Mexico car insurance, sometimes called premium, deluxe or extended coverage, pays for injuries to yourself, the occupants of your vehicle, and damage to your auto in the event of an accident. It also pays for damage caused to other people and their property as a result of an accident you cause. This latter coverage is called liability insurance, and is required by law on all Mexican federal roadways.

Mexpro's full coverage policies include a $500,000 liability limit, collision damage, medical payments, legal & travel assistance, theft, partial theft, vandalism, increased labor rates for repairs in the U.S. and gap coverages. They are some of the most comprehensive policies available, and have low deductibles.

Mexpro's Full Coverage Car Insurance Includes:

Liability Coverage

Third party liability coverage pays for injuries to other people and damages to others' property as a result of an accident you cause with your vehicle. The liability limit is $500,000 USD.


Collison, turnover and glass breakage coverage are provided with a $500 deductible ($2000 for ATV/UTV).

Medical Payments

Medical payments will cover you and the occupants of your vehicle when injured in an accident.

Legal Assistance / Bail Bond

Guaranteed bail and legal assistance are covered; the liability limit depends on which company you choose.

Travel / Roadside Assistance

Mexpro's MexVisit® travel assistance coverage is the best on the market and includes travel, roadside, other legal and medical assistance.

Total Theft

Our theft coverage includes coverage for fire and natural disasters. The deductible is $500 or $1000 ($2000 ATV/UTV) depending on the company you choose.

Partial Theft/Vandalism

Partial theft covers items permanently attached to your vehicle. The deductible is $500. No ATV/UTV coverage.

Uninsured Motorist Deductible Waiver

If you are not at fault in an accident, and the other driver is not insured, your insurer will waive the physical damage collision deductible.

U.S. Repairs

Mexpro offers the option to repair your vehicle in the United States. If you choose to do so, your policy will provide higher labor rates to more closely match U.S. pricing.

Gap Coverage

If the value of your vehicle is less than the balance on your loan, our full coverage policy will help pay the difference, up to 15% above the actual cash value of your vehicle.

Liability Insurance

By law, all tourist vehicles driving on Mexican federal roadways must have liability insurance. As Mexican vehicle insurance laws evolve to more closely resemble those in the U.S., much higher limits are required, and they vary by state. For these reasons, Mexpro provides the recommended maximum of $500,000 in liability coverage, making our full coverage policies the best on the market.

Full Coverage Insurance Companies

The insurance companies that cover your Mexico trip through Mexpro are financially stable, A.M. Best rated, and reputable. They have a history of easy claims processing and offer competitive pricing and choices. View our full coverage comparisons page to see insurer coverage side-by-side.