Mexico Affordable Retirement

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Mexico is all about relaxation Retirement is about leaving the rat-race behind and dedicating more time to relaxing. The “ho hum” of the workweek gives way to a less hectic and less worry-filled existence. Retirement can provide additional opportunities to pursue leisurely outdoor activities, such as walking along the beach, golfing, bird watching or fishing…. Read more »

Mexico Tourist Insurance for Motorhomes

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RV Park Mexico

Taking Motorhomes to Mexico Each year, thousands or tourists, vacationers, ex-pats, “snowbirds” and other visitors drive their motorhomes into Mexico.  Securing proper insurance for your motorhome is very important step you’ll need to complete before crossing the Mexican border. Seeking out an “A rated” Mexican insurance carrier is a good thing to do, as they are not… Read more »

Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance and Towed Units

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Insuring towed units In Mexico When you drive into Mexico, for vacations, to visit with family and friends, or to spend time at a second home or condo, do you ever tow anything behind your vehicle? If so, it is crucial that each towed unit be listed on your Mexico tourist auto insurance policy. Some examples of… Read more »