The Best Surfing in Northern Baja

Sunset Surfing BajaThe Northern Baja Peninsula is one of the best locations for surfing in Mexico, with several beaches offering great waves all year round. Although the peak season is summer, surfers are rarely disappointed when visiting beaches such as Rosarito and K-38. Here's your guide to some of the most popular beaches.

Rosarito Beach

One of the best known beaches in the area is the tourist-friendly Rosarito Beach, located alongside the resort town of Rosarito. It has a bustling nightlife, mainly thanks to American visitors, as the US border is just half an hour away. Other local attractions include the Rosarito Underwater Park.

Beach break: Long stretch of varied beach breaks, with the biggest waves at the south end of the bay.

Surfing ability: Suitable for all skill levels

Best time of year: Summer and fall, but waves are good all year

Popularity: Very popular and touristy, but spacious

Camping: Available at Pikin Parque de Altura

Surf shop: Several shops including Señor Locos Surf & Skate and Baja Reef

Board rentals: Available at Rosarito Ocean Sports and Local Surf School & Shop


K-38 is a very popular surf spot located south of Rosarito, which has been a local favorite since the 1950s. Since then, many condos and holidays homes have been built, and there are several restaurants and shops nearby.

Beach break: Faces south but can be surfed in any direction

Surfing ability: Suitable for all skill levels

Best time of year: Good waves all year round

Busiest time of year: Summer is peak season

Popularity: Gets crowded with surfers

Camping: No camping spots

Surf shop: K-38 Surf Shop

Board rentals: Not available

Baja Malibu

Just five minutes south of the border, the Baja Malibu resort is located between Tijuana and Rosarito, close to the San Antonio del Mar neighborhood. There are many hotels and apartments in the area. It is one of the less popular beaches on the peninsula as it has colder weather, but waves are consistent and it doesn't get busy.

Beach break: Waves break from the right and left

Surfing ability: Intermediate -- waves are sometimes very large

Best time of year: Best waves in winter, but warmer from July to October

Busiest time of year: Doesn't get busy

Popularity: Not crowded

Camping: KOA campground with showers and electricity

Surf shop: Mexmob Surf Shop

Board rentals: Not available

San Miguel

San Miguel is a beach located north of Ensenada, close to Highway 1D and the village of El Sauzal. The beach faces onto the San Miguel Bay. It is one of the few remaining intact watersheds on the Baja Peninsula, and is home to a variety of wildlife.

Beach break: Very fast from the right, breaks over a reef

Surfing ability: Difficult due to fast, powerful waves

Best time of year: March to May, as hotels in nearby Ensenada offer great discounts

Busiest time of year: June to August is peak season

Popularity: Popular with surfers due to consistently good waves

Camping: Available but basic with no amenities

Surf shop: The nearest is Spot Surfo in Ensenada

Board rentals: Not available

Whatever your requirements for the perfect surf spot, the Northern Baja Peninsula has several ideal options. Plus, once you've conquered the waves, you can take in the beautiful views and vibrant local culture. If you're looking to book a surfing holiday, it's a destination that simply has to be on your list.