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Do You Need Mexican Car Insurance in Rocky Point?

Just an hour south of the Mexican border, Rocky Point is a popular destination for U.S. tourists. Thousands of travelers drive to the seaside town every month. And just as many ask the question: Do you need Mexico car insurance in Rocky Point?

The answer is yes.

Despite Mexico establishing a Free Trade Zone (or Hassle-Free zone) that makes it easier for travelers to enter the country without needing a temporary vehicle importation permit, the same does not hold true for car insurance. The Mexican government requires Mexican car insurance in Rocky Point and elsewhere for all drivers in Mexico. Third party liability insurance, issued by a Mexico-based insurance company, is the minimum requirement.

That means your U.S. insurance policy will not cover your auto in Mexico, even if you drive just an hour from the border. And, Mexican authorities will not accept U.S. insurance if you have a fender bender.

The Free Zone, Explained

The Mexico Free Zone includes areas along Mexico’s northern and southern borders, and the entire Baja peninsula, plus a large portion of Sonora. The area stretches approximately 12 to 16 miles from the border. Rocky Point is located within the Sonoran Free Zone.

The zone was designated by the Mexican government to make it easier for travelers to enter Mexico and improve tourism along the U.S. border. As well, the designation makes trade in these areas easier by allowing many goods to be imported duty-free.

In the free zone, temporary vehicle importation permits (TIPs), for bringing non-Mexican vehicles across the border, are not required. This also makes travel easier.

Despite being in the Free Zone, Mexican car insurance is still required in Rocky Point and all Mexican territories, including Baja. Travelers heading to any tourist destination in the free zone, including Rocky Point, El Golfo, Rosarito, Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexicali, and San Felipe are not legally permitted to drive without Mexico insurance.

What if I don’t have insurance?

What happens if you don’t have a Mexican-issued car insurance policy? Maybe nothing. However, if you are involved in an accident where you are at fault, you could be detained by authorities until you are able to prove you can pay for any damages you caused.

Where to purchase Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point?

There are any number of places to get Mexico auto insurance coverage. You could purchase from a small insurance stand in Ajo, since you will be passing through on your way to Rocky Point. This could work out well, but know that there is no guarantee that at the time of an accident your information will be readily available in the insurer’s system. Meaning it could appear that you do not have insurance when you get in an accident, which could delay your travels.

There are many U.S. online companies who sell Mexico insurance, which provide a lot of convenience. However, if they don’t sell coverage from A-Rated, financially solid, Mexico insurers, you may not have the coverage you think you do, which could make it difficult to recoup your damages.

Take care in deciding where to purchase your Mexico auto insurance coverage.

Getting Rocky Point Car Insurance

Mexican car insurance, therefore, is critical for anyone traveling to Rocky Point or other destinations within Mexico.

The best time to purchase car insurance for your next trip to Rocky Point or other Mexican destination is before you cross the border. Look for policies written in English, and that come with support from bilingual claims adjusters who are available 24/7. Your policy should also include bail bond assistance.

When you buy online through Mexpro, your information is instantly populated into the insurer’s computer system. If you do have an accident while traveling, you will have immediate access to the insurer, an adjuster, and any legal assistance necessary to translate and help you comply with local regulations. Plus, you can purchase insurance from anywhere, including your car.

Mexpro also offers travel assistance including medical assistance, roadside assistance, auto legal liability assistance, personal legal assistance, and travel medical evacuation (daily policies only) standard with all our policies.