Mexico Car Insurance Legal Assistance

One of the most important coverage options available on a Mexico car insurance policy is legal assistance. Legal assistance keeps you out of jail and helps you while you deal with the authorities.

Being involved in an auto accident can be a rather stressful experience; and the last thing that anybody wants to deal with while they are on a dream vacation in Mexico is stress! Purchasing a Mexico tourist auto policy with appropriate amounts of coverage, from a reputable and reliable Mexico insurer, is a great way to reduce the potential negative impact to your family's vacation.

Unlike the United States, where many accidents tend to result in little more than a minor driving infraction, the Republic of Mexico considers all auto accidents to be a criminal offense as well as a civil matter. Whenever you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, not only can you be held financially liable for the consequences, including damage to other people's property, but you can also be held responsible for injuries and fatalities. If you should be involved in an accident in Mexico, you will want to have a qualified attorney available to provide you with proper guidance as you deal with the Mexican court system.

You may be asking, "Couldn't I just simply contact the US or Canadian consulate, and get help from them in under these circumstances?" Yes, but the main purpose of the US and Canadian consulate offices is to provide visitors with information, and they do not have any actual legal jurisdiction in Mexico. Subsequently, they are not allowed to offer any legal advice, nor are they allowed to interfere in the legal process of any foreign country.

Legal Assistance is important coverage for the cost of legal representation by an attorney, court legal fees, and bail bonds. Without this important coverage, you could potentially stay in a Mexican jail until either the circumstances of the accident have been fully resolved, or until you are able to come up with the money to pay for the damages and injuries, out of your own pocket.

You'll want to be sure that Legal Assistance is included in your Mexico tourist car insurance policy. Whether you wish to purchase a policy with a limit of coverage for legal assistance at $30,000.00, $50,000.00, or even up to $500,000.00, the Mexico Insurance Professionals, at, have some great options available, from 'A-Rated' Mexico insurers.

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