5 Reasons To Vacation in Rocky Point, Mexico

Rocky Point, Mexico (Puerto Peñasco) is a great place to spend any vacation. With its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and variety of activities to keep you busy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spot to relax and have some fun. Rocky Point is beautiful and affordable, and an easy 4-hour drive from Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, and six hours from San Diego, California. Here are five reasons you should visit Rocky Point for your next vacation.

World Class Fishing

World-renowned for its sport fishing, the town’s beaches and marinas are teeming with anglers trying to reel in a big one during any season. The Rocky Point area is home to many species of fish, including Triggerfish, Yellowtail Amberjack, Grouper, Snapper, and Mackerel. You’ll find a variety of fishing experiences, including shore fishing, pier fishing, and booking a charter for open water fishing.

Several charter boats are available for hire, and experienced anglers can find some great fishing spots along the coast. Even beginners can enjoy a day of fishing in this beautiful part of Mexico; just be sure to have sunscreen, water, snacks, and your fishing license on hand!

Beautiful Beaches

Rocky Point has some of the most beautiful beaches in North America. With year-round sunny skies, it is hard to find a place that looks this good all the time.

The most popular is Sandy Beach, a long, wide beach with gentle waves and plenty of sand to relax on, making it the perfect spot to spend a spring day. Vendors and peddlers walk the beach offering food, drinks, and trinkets. You’ll find sand volleyball courts, paddleboard and kayak rentals, as well as interesting tidal pools during low tide.

Playa Bonita and Playa Mirador are close to the Malecon, near restaurants, bars, and shopping.

If you’re looking for something a little more secluded and off the beaten path, try Playa La Joya, Playa Encanto, or Playa Pelícano in Cholla Bay. These beaches are smaller and less crowded, making them a great spot to relax and enjoy the sun and waves. There are a few restaurants and bars in the area, so you can find something to eat or drink.

Variety of Activities

There are so many great activities that you’ll never get bored when you’re in Rocky Point, Mexico. Whether you like to relax by the pool and read a magazine, spend time at the beach, go horseback riding, play a round of golf, go fishing or boating, or play tennis, there will be something for you to enjoy.

Besides swimming, snorkeling, whale watching, and fishing in the Sea of Cortez, you can explore the area on horseback or by bicycle. Between Sandy Beach and Cholla Bay are large sand dunes where you can go sandboarding and ATV riding.

The local restaurants and bars serve traditional Mexican cuisine, as well as seafood specialties (Blue Marlin, Friendly Dolphin, Al Capone’s). Be sure to get your shrimp on since the season ends in mid-March.

The live music, clubs, and bars in Rocky Point are popular destinations for spring breakers. The Malecon is packed with restaurants, cafes, discos, bars, and hotels that welcome thousands of visitors each year. There are also many off-the-beaten path restaurants and bars that are just as popular, like Banditos and Wrecked at the Reef.

On the southeast side of town, a great number of expats have migrated from all over North America. The result is an interesting mix of bars and restaurants that feature a wide variety of culinary delights. You can find something for everyone here!

Americans shopping on Rodeo Drive, Cholla Mall, Rocky Point, Mexico


There are great shopping opportunities in Rocky Point. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or want to buy some new clothes, you’ll find something that suits your needs. Old Port (The Malecon) and Cholla Mall (Rodeo Drive) are the most popular shopping destinations.


Rocky Point Mexico is a great destination because it’s very affordable. You can get a good hotel room for a reasonable price per night, or check out the local Airbnb’s. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and street vendors where you can get cheap food and drinks. Remember to trade your dollars for pesos, as you’ll get a better exchange rate.

An Interesting History

Rocky Point was named by an English Navy officer in 1926, after the hill above the Malecon. Shortly afterwards, Spanish maps of the area named it “Punta Peñasco,” meaning Rocky Point in Spanish. Later the name was changed to “Puerto Peñasco,” meaning “Rocky Cliff Port.”

Rocky Point was not settled for a long time due to a lack of drinking water. The Mexican government put in water lines in the 1970’s, which allowed it to become the destination it is today.

Boys playing in the Sea of Cortez, Rocky Point, Mexico

The Mob had it’s place in Rocky Point history too. Al Capone frequently stayed in Rocky Point during prohibition. He even made moonshine in a local hotel and smuggled it to San Francisco.

Learn more about Rocky Point history and fun facts on our blog.

Imagine a place where you can enjoy world-class fishing, beautiful beaches and sunsets, fun activities for everyone, including the kids and grandparents, and great shopping with better prices than home. Imagine being able to do all this without breaking your budget. Well, now you don’t have to imagine it because Rocky Point Mexico is that destination!

You’ll find everything from luxury resorts or condos on the water, to Airbnb’s, to more affordable options like RV Parks.

Don’t forget to fill up your cooler with some seafood on the way out of town. The Malecon has several stands where you can buy fresh seafood for a fraction of what it costs in the U.S.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an active vacation or just some time at the beach — there’s something for every type of traveler in Rocky Point!