The Benefits of Buying Mexico Auto Insurance Online

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As you plan your next trip to Mexico, your mind might be on all the fun and relaxation you're expecting when you arrive. But before you can truly unwind and enjoy your time there, you need to focus on the logistics of traveling by car, and this includes buying Mexican car insurance. Not only is car insurance for Mexico required, but it's also extremely important to have in case you get into a car accident on your vacation. Now that you know why you need Mexican insurance, you can plan ahead by buying it online before you go rather than having to stop before you reach the border. Here's why.


If you don't like waiting in line, you'll appreciate the quickness of buying Mexican car insurance online. There's no telling how long this process could take at one of the small agencies near the border. But when you buy it online via computer, smartphone or tablet, you can get coverage as soon as possible without waiting in any lines. And if buying Mexican insurance was the one task you forgot to complete before leaving for your trip, you can always call and buy it during the drive for instant coverage.


One of the best things about buying online is the ability to take your time to research products and services before you decide to buy. If you want time to carefully go over the documentation and determine the best coverage for your situation, buying Mexican insurance online or by phone before you arrive is a good idea.

It's important to understand the policies of the company you purchase from, including how fast someone will be dispatched after you report a car accident. Or if they speak English.

You should also check to make sure the company is A-Rated by A.M. Best. This can be hard to do when you're already at a company's office near the border, which is why buying online is best.

No Language Barriers

Unless you're fluent in Spanish, you may not be able to read your policy documentation, as it's not always provided in English. But when you buy through Mexpro, your policy will be written in English. As well, the representatives will speak English when you call to report an accident or need to talk to a claims adjuster.

Not only does Mexpro make it easy for you to buy Mexican insurance before you go, but we also do the work for you when it comes to choosing a company with the best coverage and rates. Visit the Mexpro website to get a free online quote in 2-minutes. Or call us toll-free at 888-723-4617, and one of our bilingual, licensed agents will help you.

Happy and safe travels!