Travel Reminders for Snowbirds Heading to Mexico

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The great migration has begun.

It happens nearly every year at the same time. Beginning in September, Northern residents flock to Southern locales to escape harsh winters or enjoy warmer weather.

Many “snowbirds” head to Mexico. While 2020 halted a good deal of cross-border travel, 2021 has seen a lifting of some of the pandemic-related restrictions. As well, many Mexican states, are showing milder infection rates, as indicated by Mexico’s “Traffic Light” Covid-19 System.

Yet before you head off to Mexico for the winter, review these travel reminders to ensure a more enjoyable trip.


Review the entry requirements and COVID-19 testing requirements if you are traveling to Mexico. Know what restrictions or requirements are in place at your destination, as they are different depending on the state you visit, where you are staying, and the places and businesses you will visit while there. Some hotels or resorts may require you to show proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID-19 test

Currently, the US/Mexico Joint Travel Initiative which closed the US/Mexico border to non-essential travel will expire on October 21, 2021. However, reports indicate that Mexico’s federal government has never closed its borders despite COVID-19. In fact, it’s one of the few countries that currently welcomes travelers from all over the world, without any kind of restriction or mandatory quarantine upon arrival. This has been confirmed by some US citizens living in Mexico, as well.

For updated information on travel to Mexico, visit the US Embassy & Consulates in Mexico website.

Travel Reminder List

If you are driving across the border into Mexico, find out what supplemental auto insurance policy you need. For instance, driving in Mexico requires an auto insurance policy written by a Mexico-based insurance company. US policies will not be honored, nor will they cover any accidents or breakdowns in Mexico. Mexico car insurance is required for driving on Mexico highways.

Other suggestions:

Travel Insurance

Before heading off on your trip, be sure to purchase travel insurance. A travel insurance policy can protect your trip in many ways. No matter what length of time you will be visiting Mexico – a day, a week, a month – accidents and illnesses happen. Hospital bills can add up quickly, especially if your US - or Canada-based insurance company does not cover international medical charges.

Travel insurance can help with:

Mexpro offers a convenient, easy way to purchase all the insurance you need for your next trip south of the border. Both our Mexico Car Insurance policies and our Travel Insurance can be purchased online. The process is simple – answer a few questions and you will be given a few policy options based on your age, health situation, and trip duration.

Once you have a policy in place, that’s it. You will have 24/7 medical assistance support in the event of an emergency. You’ll also have the assurance that your trip and, if applicable, your car will be protected.

Use these travel reminders to make your trip to Mexico easier and more relaxing, knowing you’re safe to fly away snowbird!