Understanding Roadside Assistance in Mexico

Mexpro offers two types of roadside assistance for your Mexico travels. Here's what you need to know about each.

If you're relying on your existing U.S. or Canadian insurance policy for roadside assistance in Mexico, you could be in for an unwelcome surprise, as that coverage does not work in Mexico.

Liability insurance from a Mexico-based company is required on all vehicles driving with non-Mexican license plates. Should you break down or be involved in an accident, roadside assistance on your foreign policy will likely not be honored.

Mexpro provides roadside assistance coverage on all of our Mexico auto insurance policies. There are two types of protection: basic accident-related coverage, and comprehensive MexVisit® Travel Assistance.

All of our full coverage policies come with basic roadside assistance in the event of an accident. If you are involved in a collision in Mexico, the standard coverage provided under each policy's Physical Damage coverage includes towing to the nearest repair facility.

All our policies (liability and full coverage) come with our exclusive MexVisit® coverage that includes:

  • •  Emergency Delivery of Fuel
  • •  Flat Tire Service
  • •  Battery Jumpstart
  • •  Locksmith Service
  • •  Service & Repair Shops Referral
  • •  Sending of Spare Parts for Repair
  • •  Towing (EXCEPT in the event of an accident)
  • •  Return of Vehicle if Trip is Interrupted
  • •  Interrupted Trip Continuation, or Return to Place of Residence
  • •  Return of Rental Car if Trip is Interrupted
  • •  Lodging Expenses

Additionally, our policy provides the following benefits:

  • •  Travel assistance
  • •  Medical assistance
  • •  Auto Legal assistance (24-hour professional attorney legal assistance & representation)
  • •  Personal legal assistance
  • •  Travel medical evacuation (Comes on daily auto insurance plans only). Six month and annual policies requires a separate TME Travel Insurance policy.

What MexVisit® does that standard roadside assistance policies do not is offers assistance for travel-related incidents, such as lost or stolen documents, emergency money transfers, or lost baggage recovery. Your MexVisit® representatives also offer telephone assistance on who to contact, such as embassies and consulates to resolve any issues you have while traveling in Mexico.

Your MexVisit® policy also comes with 24/7 legal assistance, including bail bond support and personal legal support for instances of police abuse or Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit issues.

With TME Travel Insurance coverage, which comes standard on all Mexpro's daily auto insurance policies, you are covered for medical air evacuations to your home hospital of choice if you require an extended hospital stay. The TME Travel Insurance policy representatives will arrange (and cover) land or air evacuations, lodging and transportation expenses for your companion, and any lodging you may need during your convalescence. This coverage is available on six-month and annual policies, but must be purchased separately.


Once the claim has been reported you will be provided a copy of the adjustors report with your claims number. Please keep this on hand, as it will help with any future correspondence. Most claims are handled within 30 days. Use the phone numbers below to check on your claim from the U.S. or Canada.

Before your next trip to Mexico, make sure to understand what roadside assistance options you have purchased. When in doubt, contact us at 1-855-MEXPRO1. We would be happy to help you stay protected while traveling south of the border.