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Have you Considered Medical Tourism in Juarez, Mexico?

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism, in its infancy, was a way for residents of poorer countries to obtain higher quality health care in more developed countries. Today it is a way for citizens of more economically developed countries to afford healthcare at substantially reduced costs in lesser developed countries.

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The main driving force is cost, however other factors include speed of service, the ability to 'vacation' while recovering and access to procedures not available in one's home country. Savings can amount to 90% of medical costs in the U.S. or Canada.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is the closest country to the U.S. and Canada offering Medical tourism. As one of the top 10 world-renowned medical destinations, high quality healthcare at steeply reduced prices is readily available. Additionally, Mexico offers affordable travel, nearly 6000 miles of coastline and a varied culture.

Why Juarez?

Since the 1940's the city of Juarez (Ciudad Juarez), Mexico, literally a stones-throw from El Paso, Texas has been serving Americans in need of low cost dental work. More recently, however, medical procedures have increased substantially. Consequently, the Mexican state of Chihuahua, has invested a large amount of money into building state of the art hospitals and filling them with highly trained staff and physicians.

Due to its close proximity to El Paso, the ease of travel from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada—whether flying into El Paso International Airport, or driving by way of Interstates 25 (north/south) or 10 (east/west)—it is difficult to find a more convenient place in Mexico to have a medical procedure performed.

You have the option to enjoy the culture of Juarez while recovering, or quickly slip back across the border to recover in the U.S., returning easily for follow ups.

In 2014 the Juarez Bureau of Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, and Mexican Employers Association teamed up with three local colleges of Medicine, the Hotel Association and Antonio Suarez, a business leader with more than 20 years' experience in Mexican business and insurance, to create a top-quality destination for Medical tourists. The project studied other Medical tourism destinations including Costa Rica, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Thailand. Using these destinations as a basis, a high quality nationally certified (by the National Health Commission) program was developed.

Ciudad Juarez, The Global Health Destination

Ciudad Juarez Global Health Destination logoThe end result was Ciudad Juarez, The Global Health Destination, the only certified health network in Mexico. When you see their logo on hospital doors and on the sleeves of medical personnel you will know you are being served by a person or business that has been certified for quality and expertise.

Ciudad Juarez, The Global Health Destination is a Medical Cluster. Clusters are groups of doctors, hospitals and other professionals/services/locations providing medical/dental procedures. They are certified for quality and continually reviewed for performance and quality.

When a medical service is needed, a facilitator is assigned to help the patient and family set up the medical trip. And since all aspects of the community have been involved in creating the medical tourism experience; travel, lodging, tourist activity planning, recovery and more are set up through the facilitator.

Upon arriving to Juarez, patients meet with the foremost specialist dealing with the type of medical care needed. Oftentimes the procedure will be performed the same or next day after the initial doctor's visit. U.S. or Canadian insurance will be charged if accepted. And, you will not be discharged until your well-being is assured.

Downsides of Medical tourism include issues with the quality of care, hospitals and proper record keeping. Ciudad Juarez, The Global Health Destination has done a lot to alleviate these problems, including building state of the art hospitals, educating Mexican doctors in the U.S. and Europe, and obtaining the proper credentials to insure adherence to International standards.

The most popular procedures currently performed in Juarez are dentistry (42%), gynecology (22%), preventative medicine (16%), cosmetic surgery (10%), orthopedics and bariatrics.

To set up a phone consultation with a member of Ciudad Juarez, The Global Health Destination, please contact them at info@medicaltourismjuarez.com. Learn more about their services on their website: http://medicaltourismjuarez.com/