Affordable Retirement in Mexico

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Affordable Retirement in Mexico: What You Need To Know Whether you’re nearing retirement age or planning for the future, you’ve probably already heard that Mexico is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world for Americans and Canadians. With benefits that include a dramatically lower cost of living, excellent healthcare and all the… Read more »

Have you Considered Medical Tourism in Juarez, Mexico?

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Ciudad Juarez

What is Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism, in its infancy, was a way for residents of poorer countries to obtain higher quality health care in more developed countries. Today it is a way for citizens of more economically developed countries to afford healthcare at substantially reduced costs in lesser developed countries. The main driving force is… Read more »

Mexico Health Tourism

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Travel Medical Insurance

Traveling to Mexico for Low Cost Medical and Dental Care Every year thousands of medical tourists from around the world are lured to Mexico by its easy access to competitively priced, high quality, medical care. Many U.S. tourists drive across the border each day, seeking a wide range of medical and dental health related services, that often end up… Read more »

Modern Medicine in Mexico

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If there’s a list of good reasons to visit Mexico, affordable health-care will definitely make the top five. In blog-writing, one of my primary goals is to dispel the condescending myths and rumors about Mexico lacking modern tech, medicine and infrastructure. We have basically all of it here; this country just is generally poorer than… Read more »