Tips for Taking the Fast Track Through the Mexico Border

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Driving in Mexico

Crossing back into the USA from Mexico can be an ordeal at times. The process is more stringent than ever before, and some travelers are still experiencing unnecessary delays because of their failure to prepare in advance. If you’re planning to cross the Mexican border back into the United States, here are a few tips… Read more »

Have you Considered Medical Tourism in Juarez, Mexico?

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Ciudad Juarez

What is Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism, in its infancy, was a way for residents of poorer countries to obtain higher quality health care in more developed countries. Today it is a way for citizens of more economically developed countries to afford healthcare at substantially reduced costs in lesser developed countries. The main driving force is… Read more »

Popular Rx Drugs that can be Purchased in Mexico & Taken Across the Border

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It’s no secret that drug and pharmaceutical prices in the United States can be outrageously expensive at times. Recent media reports have mentioned how many people are seeking to purchase drugs in other countries or online. And if you live near the border with Mexico there is an easy, viable option. Many common drugs available… Read more »

What is Medical Tourism?

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Wheelchair on beach

What is Medical Tourism? Medical tourism is the process of traveling outside one’s country of residence to obtain healthcare. Common services include orthopedic and cardiac surgery, oncologic (tumor) care, organ transplant, cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Reproductive assistance is an area that has been growing in recent years, as well. Originally patients would travel to countries… Read more »