What Information Do You Need to Get a Mexican Auto Insurance Quote from Mexpro?

Need a Mexico auto insurance quote for an upcoming trip? Here's how to get a quote in under a minute with Mexpro.

Mexico Auto Insurance Quote, Explained

So much information – that's feedback we get from customers who are traveling to Mexico and looking for Mexican insurance quotes. Why does any insurance company need that much information?

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For anyone traveling by vehicle to Mexico, auto insurance for the trip is a must. Mexpro gathers information that is pertinent to your Mexico trip – information that may seem unnecessary, but helps us determine what coverage you need.

To explain, this article will go over what information you need to provide in order to get a Mexico auto insurance quote. Here is what we ask for and why.

Dates Traveling to Mexico

Mexpro's Mexican insurers use this information to understand your insurance need. The length of time you'll be in Mexico directly correlates to the policy length, which determines pricing and limits.

Your policy goes into effect at 12:01 am on the day you enter Mexico, unless you purchase it on the same day you are going to Mexico. In which case, it will become effective at the time of purchase.

The policy will cover you for the entire time you are in Mexico, up to 12:00 am midnight, the day you leave Mexico.

You can purchase policies lasting from one day to one year.

Vehicle Information, including Market Value

Because insurance covers the repair or cash value of your car, knowing how much that car is worth is crucial to knowing how much insurance you need. For example, if your car is worth $22,000, your Mexico auto insurance policy should provide the same amount of coverage.

If you owe more on your auto loan than the actual cash value of your car, you will most likely need a higher amount of insurance to match the amount you owe the financial institution. In order to cover that extra cost, Mexpro's Mexico auto insurance policies offer premium full coverage policies that include gap coverage, which pays 15% above the fair market value of the vehicle.

It's important to use the Kelly Blue Book value or similar when filling out the vehicle information portion of our quote form, as this is the number our Mexican insurers (and most U.S. insurers) will use to determine the pay out on a claim.

Liability limits

Since 2013, Mexico has been reforming their insurance laws. One of those reforms addressed liability – the amount a person pays should they accidentally cause the death of another person. Depending on which state in Mexico you are in, liability could cost over $300,000. We recommend purchasing the highest liability limits you can afford, which is $500,000 USD on Mexpro's policies.

Towed units

Mexpro provides coverage for anything you tow - trailers, boats, campers, ATVs, UTVs, jet skis, and more.

This is perhaps the most difficult part of our quote form, as how you fill out this section varies depending what is being towed and how you choose to insure your towed item.

Liability Only Coverage

We provide liability only coverage on all towed units on every auto policy whether listed on the quote or not. If you do not need physical damage or theft coverage, while in tow, you can ignore this section of the quote form

Boats and Jet Skis
List on the auto policy, with corresponding value, to cover while in tow. You must purchase a separate boat policy for each to obtain liability coverage once disconnected from the tow unit.

Full Coverage While Towing

If you want physical damage and theft coverage on your towed item(s) while being towed, you will want to list each, with it's actual cash value in this section of the quote form. You will click the drop down under the towed units section to input each.

Full Coverage

Towed autos, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, and Golf carts>
A separate full coverage policy must be purchased for each vehicle you wish to insure while detached from the tow vehicle. You do not need to list the vehicle under the towed items on this policy. (ATV/UTVs must be street legal and are covered only on established roadways.)

If purchasing full coverage, you do not need to list the vehicle under the towed items on this policy.

Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, Boat/Vehicle/Utility Trailers, and pop-up campers
List each with a corresponding value on your auto policy if you wish to have full coverage while you are towing.

Towed Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Toy Haulers have liability only coverage while being towed. Once detached, there is only coverage for 'natural damages' such as bad weather, fire, explosion, and theft. You do not need to list these on your policy UNLESS you wish to get full coverage.

Boats and Jet Skis
We are unable to provide physical damage and hull coverage for watercraft, when disconnected from the towing unit.

If you have more questions, give one of our Mexico insurance specialists a call toll-free at (855) 639-7761. Make sure all your equipment has the protection you want.

Days in Mexico per year

On your Mexico auto insurance quote application, you must select how many days each year that you will be traveling with the vehicle in Mexico – 30 days or fewer, 31-90 days, 90-180 days, or more than 180 days. This is a question required by our Mexican insurers.

For travelers who are staying 180 days or more, it makes financial sense to purchase an annual policy. Business travelers or individuals who have family or property in Mexico may find this to be a more affordable option.

With a six-month or annual policy you can come in and out of Mexico, as you please. You do not need to be there continuously.

Are you only traveling to Sonora and/or Baja?

This is another question required by our Mexican insurers. It provides a territory restriction. If you only travel to Baja and/or Sonora a discount is applied to your policy.

Any drivers under the age of 21 or over 80 years of age?

If there will be persons who are younger than 21 or older than 80 years of age, you could be charged more on your policy. In addition, if they are found driving your vehicle without your providing notice here, your policy could become void. Be sure you know who will be driving your vehicle while in Mexico.

Theft & collision coverage in your home country

Simply put, not having these coverages on your existing policy means your vehicle is not eligible for full coverage in Mexico. However, you are still eligible for liability-only coverage, which is a necessary protection.

The information you provide on your Mexico auto insurance application helps us locate a number of options for you to choose from. We ask questions to comply with the requirements set forth by our Mexican insurers. And, this information also helps us to locate the best coverage for your auto needs.

Applying for a Mexico auto insurance quote is a simple process. The answers you provide can help us protect your vehicle, and make sure the road ahead is smooth. If you're now ready -- get a quote now in less than a minute.