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Towed Unit Insurance Coverage in Mexico

All of Mexpro's Mexico auto policies extend liability to coverage on towed items at no additional cost. And, we do not require Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and plate numbers for these towables, speeding up the purchase process. For most vehicles you can also obtain physical damage and theft coverage.

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What is a towed unit?

A towed unit is anything that is towed behind your vehicle. Some examples include:

  • Cargo/Utility Flat Bed Trailers
  • Enclosed Trailers
  • Pop-up Campers, Travel Trailers & Fifth-Wheels
  • Toy-Haulers
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) & Utility Vehicles (UTVs)
  • Motorcycles/Mopeds/Scooters
  • Watercraft & Tow Trailers

Your towed units will be listed on your Mexico auto insurance application, depending on how you choose to insure them.

How to Insure Your Towed Unit(s)

We want to be sure you get your towables insured right, so we have several options for insuring them, depending on the coverage you want.


No Physical Damage
or Theft Coverage

If you do NOT want physical damage or theft coverage on towables, you do not need to list your towed units on the Mexpro auto quote form. Liability only coverage applies to any towed unit while being towed, whether listed on the policy or not.


Physical Damage & Theft
While in Tow Only

If you want Physical Damage and Theft coverage on the towables, only when they are in tow, list them on the policy with a corresponding Actual Cash Value.


Physical Damage & Theft Coverage

If you want Physical Damage and Theft coverage on the towables, both while in tow, and also when decoupled* and/or self-propelled, follow these instructions:

* Purchasing towing coverage with GNP does not cover your towed unit while decoupled from the main vehicle.

  • You cannot use your ATV/UTV or Motorcycle to tow, per the policy's Terms & Conditions.
  • Coverage provided is for marked roadway use only. Off-road use is strictly excluded from all policy packages.
  • You can learn more about insuring your towed units on our blog.