What You Need to Know About Mandatory Car Insurance in Mexico

If you're driving to Mexico, be aware that the country has made some changes to its laws about car insurance. Between 2013 and 2019, Mexico updated its car insurance requirements to bring them in line with modern liability laws. For U.S. and Canadian citizens driving into Mexico, this means that you're required to have car insurance.

Increased Liability in Case of Death

In 2013, Mexico increased the death liability amount for car accidents that result in death. If you have an auto accident in Mexico, it is your fault, and someone dies, you could pay more than $500,000. This is much more than it used to be.

You need to buy enough insurance coverage to pay for any damages you could possibly cause with your vehicle. Mexpro recommends $300,000 of coverage at a minimum and strongly suggests $500,000 of coverage. This way, you should be covered by the insurance company for any expenses resulting from an accident you cause in Mexico, and you won't have to pay for it yourself.

Mandatory Car Insurance on Mexico Highways

If you're planning to drive to Mexico, mandatory car insurance is essential. All Mexican Federal Highways and bridges now require that drivers have liability car insurance, with hefty fines for failure to comply. Any journey in Mexico will probably involve one of these stretches of highway. To make sure you stay on the safe side, you must buy Mexico auto insurance. That way you can explore Mexico and its beautiful roads knowing you are properly protected should any worse-case scenarios arise.

Insurance Company Ratings

In 2015 Mexico implemented laws that required Mexican car insurance companies to prove they have the money to pay for claims people make. Now, every Mexico insurance company must get a third-party rating, guaranteeing they meet the standards required to operate in Mexico. This is good news for consumers because you can check your company's rating before buying insurance. Depending on their rating, you'll know what their financial conditions are and the likelihood they can pay for claims if there is an accident. Mexpro only contracts with A-rated insurance companies, companies who have a long history of paying claims and financial stability.

Mexpro can help you get the insurance coverage you need to comply with Mexico's mandatory car insurance laws. With great rates and a wide range of coverage options, Mexpro makes it easy to insure your car in Mexico. Our highly licensed, experienced, bilingual team at Mexpro is available to answer questions you may have and help you get the optimal coverage for your needs. With decades of experience in the industry, Mexpro is the best choice when selecting an insurance provider for your Mexican travels.