How Does Mexpro Car Insurance Work in Mexico?

If you’re driving to Mexico, it’s important to understand how car insurance works there. The type of coverage and the amount of protection can vary significantly between insurers.

Sometimes the coverage you have may not be exactly what you thought you purchased. To avoid that situation, we explain what you can expect from a Mexpro car insurance policy in each of the following situations: auto accident, theft, partial theft, vandalism, vehicle breakdown, and more. We will also cover towing, repairs, and rental vehicles.

Knowing exactly what your car insurance covers, can make your road trip more relaxing, and driving in Mexico is a great way to see this beautiful country!

What car insurance covers in Mexico?

Mexpro offers two types of Mexico auto insurance for people traveling to Mexico: liability insurance and full-coverage policies.


Liability insurance, is the minimum coverage required by law in Mexico. Liability covers injury to any persons and damage to vehicles in an accident where you are at fault. It does not cover your vehicle.

Premium Full Coverage:

Mexpro recommends our premium full-coverage insurance policies to most of our customers. Our premium full-coverage policies include all the services offered in the liability policy and these additional coverages:

What is MexVisit®?

MexVisit® is Mexpro’s exclusive Travel Assistance product. MexVisit® travel assistance is included in both liability and full-coverage auto insurance plans. Besides travel assistance, you will receive medical, roadside, and legal assistance. Our daily/short-term policies also include travel medical evacuation.

What if I have an accident in Mexico?

We hope your travels in Mexico are full of nothing but lovely experiences, but sometimes accidents happen. If you are in an auto accident in Mexico, there are a few things you should do immediately.

  1. Call the police.
  2. Call your insurer’s claim number, which is listed on your policy. Remember that you can request bilingual assistance if needed.
  3. If someone has been injured or you believe the police are treating you unfairly, request legal assistance while speaking with your insurer. You should contact MexVisit® and request legal help, as well. Don’t forget to ask for bilingual assistance if needed.
  4. If you don’t need immediate legal help, it’s always a good idea to call MexVisit® and report the accident, in case legal issues arise later.
  5. You must report the accident while you are still in Mexico. Your policy will not cover an accident if reported after leaving Mexico.
  6. Keep copies of all documentation. If you’ve paid legal fees, or fees to repair your vehicle, make sure you keep all receipts (e.g., towing, hotel while vehicle being repaired, parts).
  7. Do not leave the scene of an accident until all report and information gathering has been completed, and you have your claims information. Request copies of accident documents where available.

What if My Vehicle is Stolen in Mexico?

If your vehicle is stolen, there are several steps you need to take.

  1. Immediately call the police.
  2. If you have full-coverage insurance, immediately call the insurance company listed on your policy.
  3. Write down all information (where the car was parked, when you last saw it, how much time passed before you realized it was stolen, where your keys are/were located, where were you staying/visiting while the car was parked, and if you noticed any suspicious people or situations). This will help you remember what information to offer to the police or your insurance adjustor.
  4. Report the mishap to MexVisit®, as your travel assistance coverage will help you get a rental car and get you back to the U.S.

What if I experience a partial theft or vandalism to my vehicle?

Partial theft includes theft of parts and accessories that are permanently attached to your vehicle. This does not cover video or sound reproducing equipment, personal property, or objects in the vehicle.

  1. As always, immediately contact the police.
  2. If you have a full-coverage policy, contact the insurance company listed on your policy.


In the event of a breakdown, contact MexVisit®. They will provide your travel & roadside assistance.

How is Towing Handled with my Insurance in Mexico?

Auto Repairs in Mexico

In the event of an accident, the underwriter of your insurance policy (your insurer) will offer towing to the nearest approved service facility in Mexico.

Repairs in the U.S.

If you have a full-coverage policy and want your vehicle repaired in the U.S., your MexVisit® agent can help you arrange towing to the border. Please note that depending on your location, they may not get your vehicle all the way to the border. Once your vehicle is over the border, you are responsible for getting your vehicle towed to your preferred service location.


In the event of a breakdown, contact MexVisit® and they will arrange your towing services.

Rental Vehicles

Your MexVisit® policy will provide up to 4 days of rental coverage if your vehicle is not drivable.

Mexico Auto Repairs

Common questions related to auto repairs in Mexico include:

U.S. Auto Repairs

People often ask the following questions regarding getting their vehicle repaired in the United States:

What If I’m Having Trouble Getting My Claim Settled?

If you’re having trouble getting your claim settled, always check with your underwriter first. They may be waiting for information from you, which may cause a delay or break in communication. If this is not the case, please contact Mexpro for help in communicating with your insurance provider. Keep in mind that Mexpro does not have any information on your claim, cannot collect data, or issue payments. We can only help you and your insurer get in touch and communicate directly.

While we wish everyone safe and uncomplicated travels, it’s wise to know what to do if the unexpected happens. Remember, you must have a Mexico car insurance policy if you’ll be bringing your vehicle into Mexico. A little planning on the front-end can save you many headaches in the event of an unforeseen situation.