What is Partial Theft Coverage and Do I Need it in Mexico? | Mexpro

What is Partial Theft Coverage and Do I Need it in Mexico?

Most Mexican auto insurance policies cover your vehicle for the total theft of the vehicle. That means if the entire vehicle is stolen your vehicle is covered by your insurance policy.

What most people don't know is that your vehicle is generally not covered for partial theft under a standard Mexico auto insurance policy. For example, if your tires or radio are stolen, you are not covered. Therefore, partial theft coverage is offered under extended coverage for those who want to cover extraneous items while driving in Mexico.

Partial theft covers the vehicle when only a part or parts of it are stolen. It covers those items permanently attached to the vehicle, which means some electronic equipment that is not originally installed by the manufacturer may not be covered under the policy. Be sure to check what the policy covers before you purchase it, to be sure you are insuring your vehicle properly.

Partial theft coverage does not cover personal items inside the vehicle. Homeowners or renter's insurance policies cover these types of items.

If a theft were to occur, the amount you pay is dependent on your deductible. Mexican auto insurance from Mexpro.com offers Partial Theft Insurance under our extended coverage plan. The deductible on the extended coverage plan is $500.

Be sure you are covered to the extent you desire while driving your vehicle in Mexico, purchase partial theft insurance for attached items that could be stolen without stealing the entire vehicle.