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Hula hooping on the beach

Affordable Retirement in Mexico: What You Need To Know Whether you’re nearing retirement age or planning for the future, you’ve probably already heard that Mexico is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world for Americans and Canadians. With benefits that include a dramatically lower cost of living, excellent healthcare and all the… Read more »

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RV Park on the Ocean, Mexico

Where Can I Park My RV in Rocky Point? If you’re planning on driving to Mexico to enjoy the beach, you’re not alone. Tourism in Mexico recently set a record, with over 10 million people visiting in the first quarter of 2018. About half—5.1 million—of those visitors drove across the border to visit, and tourism… Read more »

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¡El Seguro de casa habitación de Mexpro regresa a Yucatán! ¡A partir del 1ro de septiembre del 2019 el seguro de casa habitación de Grupo Nacional Provincial(GNP) con Mexpro está disponible para viviendas en Yucatán!   Después de cuatro años de negociaciones, GNP ha eliminado su moratoria de cobertura para la península de Yucatán, lo… Read more »

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Mexico Home on Mexico Beach

Mexpro homeowners insurance returns to the Yucatan! On September 1st, 2019, Mexpro’s Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) Mexico homeowners insurance became available for homes in the Yucatan! After four years of negotiations, GNP has removed their coverage moratorium for the Yucatan peninsula, allowing us to offer policies for the area once again, including the option to… Read more »