Where Gringos get pulled over in Rocky Point Mexico - A Must Read

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r3-2Calle 13 in Rocky Point is a great place to check out if you're going to be in Rocky Point this Spring break or anytime of the year, BUT if you're headed there you should be aware that there is a traffic trap at the corner of Calle 13 and Benito Juarez Blvd. If you're headed North(ish) on Benito Juarez, you can’t take a left onto Calle 13. Or in short, you can’t take a left at the Swordfish statue.

For those not familiar with the layout of Rocky Point. To get to Rocky Point you will be on highway 8 (if coming from Arizona). Highway 8, as you enter Rocky Point, turns into Benito Juarez Blvd. It’s the main drag that provides access to the road that takes you to Sandy Beach, the Old Port, Las Conchas, and much of the town. For what it’s worth, they do a great job with signage in Rocky Point. If you're on Benito Juarez, it will be pretty obvious where you need to turn to get to the main attractions.

Recently, I spent some time with Rosie, Paty, and Lalo of Rocky Point Tourism and Visitor Assistance, a great service by the way. If you need help in Rocky Point, Rosie and her team is where to go. Anyway, I asked them where do Gringos get it trouble in Rocky Point? Without hesitation they said, “at the corner of Benito Juarez and Calle 13, they either don’t see or ignore the 'no left turn' sign and get nailed.” Now I just praised the signage in rocky point as great and for hotels it is, but the 'no left turn' sign is hidden, and cops wait for it to happen and when it does, they pounce.

Calle 13 is a hot spot with several restaurants, bars, and hotels, but to gain access you CANNOT take a left. You can take a right if you're headed south, you can go around the block and go straight, but you can’t take a left when headed North(ish).