Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance Exclusions

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Be sure to read your policy

Just like any U.S. auto insurance policy, a Mexico tourist auto insurance policy will have policy exclusions that specifically remove coverage for certain activities and circumstances. Insurance policy exclusions, are basically those things listed in the policy terms and conditions that are not covered. Taking the time to read and understand the exclusions contained in your policy is an important step, so you don't end up inadvertently doing something that might cause your insurance the coverage to become null and void.

Illegal Activities

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only a bad idea, because it can land you in a Mexican jail, but also because your insurance coverage automatically ceases.

Engaging in street races or speed contests, will void your coverage.

Suicide attempts, voluntary mutilation, and mental derangement are all considered justifiable cause to void the policy coverage. Also, driving without a valid drivers license or permit, issued by your home country, will void your insurance coverage.

Additionally, if a claim is found to have been presented fraudulently, deceptively, erroneously, or in bad faith, the right to compensation is lost, and the insurer becomes freed of all obligations. 

Vehicle Usage

There are also some circumstances where activities that are normally considered legal, are still not covered by the insurance. For example, most Mexico tourist auto insurance policies will exclude coverage if the insured vehicle is being used to provide driving lessons. Coverage also gets voided if the insured vehicle is towing an item(s) that is not also listed on the policy declarations.

Parking Mexico BeachMost insurers will not cover losses or damages to the insured vehicles when they are driven off conventional roads or on roads that are not in good driving condition. The action of tides is also most often excluded, so it is not a good idea to leave an insured vehicle parked right on the beach. Some Mexico tourist insurance policies will also exclude coverage when a vehicle is used for public transport or for the transport of goods. Additionally, coverage is typically excluded whenever a vehicle is overloaded beyond its capacity.

Vehicle Maintenance

Coverage is usually excluded for any damages to the insured vehicle that are caused by a loss of fluids in any of its components. Most insurance policies will exclude coverage from losses that are a result of improper maintenance. Also, normal wear and tear, along with mechanical breakdowns or failure of parts are most often not covered.

Your Passengers

While medical payments coverage is usually afforded to the driver, along with the occupants of the insured vehicle, there are circumstances where the coverage may be excluded. For example, some insurers do not provide coverage for any passengers that are riding in the bed of a pickup truck. Other insurers will not provide coverage for passengers that are riding inside a trailer or a boat, even if the trailer or boat is listed on the policy declarations.

The stuff inside your vehicle

Mexico tourist auto insurance policies also typically exclude coverage for your household furnishings and items that are for personal use. However, most homeowners policies will afford coverage for personal property, anywhere in the world. You'll want to double check your homeowners policy, and/or contact your homeowners insurance agent, to verify the limits and exactly what would be covered.

There are lots of exclusions to consider

These are just some of the more common exclusions that you will typically find in a Mexico tourist auto insurance policy. There can literally be dozens of exclusions listed in an auto insurance policy, and it is the insured's responsibility to conform to each, or else risk of losing the insurance coverage. You always should read your policy's terms and conditions, along with the policy declarations, to be sure you understand what is allowed, and what might void your coverage. If you should need help or clarification, you can always call to speak with a qualified insurance agent, from the Mexico Insurance Professionals team at 888-467-4639.