How Is Valentine's Day Celebrated In Mexico?

Have you ever considered going to Mexico for Valentine's Day? Maybe you should. Valentine's Day in Mexico is called Dia del Amor y la Amistad, which means the Day of Love and Friendship. On this day, the people of Mexico celebrate not just their romances, but also close relationships they have with friends and family. It is a day to celebrate love in all forms. So, how can you participate?

Heart Shaped Sunglasses on Mexico Beach

Do Something Memorable

While Mexicans don't have a specific tradition to celebrate this day many people will go out for dinner with their significant others. If you decide to do something similar you would be well advised to make reservations well in advance. Besides dinner, there are a number of scenic and romantic getaways to try, unique to Mexico:

There are few better ways to relax than by sipping a margarita on a romantic vacation with the person you love. Whether you do this while on a white sandy beach or tucked away in an exotic jungle getaway there is nothing more Mexican than a celebration of love and romance.

Celebrate Your Close Friendships, Too

Picture of Mexican Chocolate with an imprint of a Mayan pyramidWhether you have a romantic interest or not, you can always celebrate in Mexico! On Valentine's day you can just as easily gather a group of close friends and/or relatives and take a memorable road trip into Mexico. Shops and homes are decorated in themes of love with hearts and flowers. Expect to see many people out and about -- and not just couples. The day is all about inclusion in Mexico; everybody can participate and nobody is left out.

Even if you were just looking for a reason to have an exotic trip abroad or to hang out with some friends, a quick trip over the southern border could be the best way to celebrate. And don't forget those chocolates you love, first came from Mexico.