How to Prepare for a Mexico Road Trip...Vehicle Tips

Pre-trip Tune up and preventative maintenance

Having a full tank of gas before hitting the road for Mexico is essential, but it is just as important to make sure all of the vehicle's other fluids are properly topped-off. Be sure to check all vital fluids, including; engine oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, distilled water for the battery and windshield washer fluid. It is also important to have clean filters for the air, oil and fuel systems. Along with the brake fluid, you will want to check the other components of the vehicle's braking systems, including the brake shoes, rotors/drums, and lines. It is important to check your tires to ensure the tread is deep enough to provide adequate traction and that tire pressure levels are correct, all around the vehicle, including the spare tire. If your tires are showing signs of excessive wear and tear, be sure to get them replaced before heading down the road. Your vehicle's hoses and belts also deserve an inspection, and any worn items should be replaced. Be sure to check the vehicle's lighting, gauges, and electrical systems, including the battery. A fresh pair of wiper blades will come in handy if you should run into any wet weather during your Mexico vacation. The weather in Mexico can often be warm/hot, so you will also want to be sure that your air conditioning is functioning properly and fully charged.

Carrying a few spare parts could save time

Spare parts for many popular vehicles can be difficult to find in Mexico, and often will have to be ordered and shipped from outside the country. You may be able to prevent several days of sitting around waiting for parts to arrive by mail by simply carrying a few inside your vehicle. Spare items, such as: electrical fuses, light bulbs, fan belts, radiator hoses, and fuel filters are good items to carry along. It is also a good idea to carry some extra fluids, like motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and distilled water.

Purchasing Mexico auto insurance

Choosing only carriers that have an A- or better rating, with A.M. Best, is an easy way to ensure you are getting insurance coverage from a trusted and reliable provider. There are a number of insurance stores set up along the border that offer auto coverage for through unrated, or unfavorably rated, Mexico insurance companies. A.M. Best rates insurance companies worldwide based on the reliability and financial stability. Be sure to check the ratings of any insurance carrier before giving them your hard earned money. You can get comparative quotes through multiple A rated carriers, and easily purchase your Mexico Car Insurance online before you hit the road, through the Mexico Insurance Professionals.

Don't forget about travel, roadside, medical and legal assistance

Many Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance providers will also offer travel and roadside assistance coverage for Mexico. This coverage, which can be of great value, is a relatively inexpensive option that you can add to Mexican car insurance policy. Or, it can automatically be included in the policy package, like how we do at Mexpro. Having access to lockout, emergency fuel, flat tire, and jump-start services can really help out, especially when you are far from home. Mexpro's travel and roadside assistance package also includes legal, travel, and medical assistance.

Medical insurance to protect you and your travel companions

Another important item to consider while planning your Mexico road trip, is travel medical insurance. If your U.S. health and medical insurance does not extend coverage across the border into Mexico, you will want to arrange for a temporary international policy to protect you, and your travel companions.

Mexico road map to help you find your way

Be sure to bring along a Mexico road map to help you navigate your way in Mexico. If you should happen to be driving through any areas without cellular or Wi-Fi service, you will want to have a good ole fashioned paper map in-hand, to assist you in finding your way and hopefully prevent getting lost.

Other safety and emergency items

Having a mobile phone, and being able to call for help, can be a real life-saver. You will want to contact your service provider before heading out and ask them to add Mexico to your calling plan if your current plan doesn't allow calls in Mexico.

Carrying some basic repair tools in your vehicle can be useful, and having safety markers and/or road flares to put out when a vehicle is disabled on the side of the road is also a good idea. Having a working flash light in your glove box can really help too. Packing a basic first aid kit, bottled water, emergency blanket, sunscreen, insect repellant, and other items that can provide safety and/or comfort during a vehicle disablement are also recommended. Making your own checklist of emergency and safety items is great way to ensure you will have what you need if the unexpected happens.