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Baja 1000 Vehicle Types - PART 4 Alan Kohl Interview

Again, I am continuing my interview with Alan Kohl of about the Baja 1000 off-road race in Baja Mexico. This week we will learn about the different classes of vehicles that participate in the race.

Alan, what types of vehicles participate in the Baja 1000, they must be tough?

"I am not sure of the exact number of categories or classes of race vehicles, it's probably close to 40. Engine size and suspension ultimately determine how fast a vehicle can go under the off-road conditions, so those are the key factors in determining a class.

Below is a brief description of the classes:

All other classes are limited in both engine size and suspension. The smaller the engine and / or less amount of suspension, the slower the racecar.

Other classes are determined by rider age groupings and engine size."

Baja 1000 Vehicle Types