Affordable Mexico Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Affordable Mexico Recreational Vehicle Insurance

A Mexico Coverage Extension from a U.S. RV insurer could save you thousands

RV on Beach in MexicoA Mexico Tourist RV Insurance policy, with coverage including Physical Damage and Theft, can often cost more than $1,000 for a newer motorhome for a couple of weeks in Mexico. An annual policy could literally cost thousands of dollars. However, an RV policy with just Liability coverage can usually be purchased for less than a few hundred dollars for a full year. Getting a liability only policy from a Mexico insurance carrier, to accompany a U.S. insurance policy that includes a useable extension of coverage into Mexico, is a great way to reduce the cost of insuring recreational vehicles that visit Mexico.

Extend coverage to include all of Mexico

If you plan to drive your recreational vehicle into Mexico, you will want to be careful about which U.S. recreational vehicle insurance company you choose. Not all carriers offer extensions of coverage into Mexico, and for those that do; there are often limitations that can cause the coverage to not meet the needs of many RV enthusiasts. Most U.S. insurance carriers will have a stated mileage limitation that restricts the Mexico coverage area to no more than 25 miles from the United States border. There are a few companies that sometimes further extend the coverage area to include up to 50, or as much as 75 miles. However, the majority of recreational vehicles visiting Mexico will typically travel well beyond the border towns to reach popular beach destinations located further south throughout the Baja California peninsula and all along the Gulf of California. Even Ensenada and Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), which are two of the closest popular beach get-away destinations, are both greater than 60 miles from the United States border. So, simply adding a Mexico Limited Coverage Endorsement to any recreational vehicle insurance policy may not be enough to properly protect your motorhome or travel trailer in Mexico. To ensure that you have the right coverage we recommend working with an RV Insurance expert familiar with the Mexico Insurance market such as Gila Insurance Group LLC. They represent several different U.S. RV insurers that provide coverage throughout Mexico for affordable prices.

Be careful of Visit Limitations

Many of the recreational vehicle insurance carriers that offer Mexico Coverage will also have a stated limitation that allows the vehicle to stay in Mexico no more than 10 days. This would obviously present a problem for someone planning a two-week vacation at an RV resort in Mexico. This could also potentially have an adverse affect for someone who plans to make multiple trips to Mexico during the same year. Once again, not all carriers will have the same limitation, so it is best to look for an insurance provider that does have such a limitation.

On a side note, all recreational vehicle insurers consider vehicles that are primarily garaged in Mexico as unacceptable risks.

Mexican Liability coverage is a must!

Every RV insurer will absolutely require that a separate Mexican Liability Insurance policy be in force in order for any of the limited Mexico coverage to apply. U.S. recreational vehicle insurance policies will quite often exclude any liability coverage for claims that are originated in countries other than the U.S. Additionally, Mexican authorities do not recognize U.S. liability insurance coverage. If have an accident in Mexico, having the separate liability insurance policy from a recognized Mexico insurance carrier can help keep you out of jail. The liability only coverage offered by many Mexico insurance companies often includes important coverage for Medical Payments, Legal Assistance and Roadside Assistance. Do not drive your RV across the border without first purchasing liability insurance from a reputable and reliable Mexico insurance provider.