Your Mexico Packing List - What to Pack for Mexico

I never think it's a bad idea to take a trip to Mexico. But I must admit that I second guess myself every time I start packing for that trip.

As much as I plan beforehand, I never seem to remember everything. So, the last time I vacationed in Mexico, I kept a list of all the things I was grateful I thought to bring—and those things I wish I had remembered.

Now it does not matter if you are a planner or the notorious last-minute packer, you can use this list to make it all much easier. It's only fair that I share this with you; we all deserve to be relieved of the stress of packing—because it's vacation!

Suitcase packed using Mexico packing list

The list could go on forever, but then you'd have to check luggage. As always, it's all about making your trip the best it can be. Enjoy!