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Hurricane Season in Mexico And Your Homeowners Insurance

Photo of storm on oceanIf you are a homeowner in Mexico, there is a good chance that you are in a location that lies in an area that is prone to being hit by hurricanes. The 2011 hurricane season is predicted to be an especially active one, both in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. If you own property along the coast of Mexico, it is unwise to be without good homeowners insurance. It's impossible to predict where this year's storms will hit. Here are some tips on keeping your property as safe as possible during hurricane season.

  1. Get Mexican Homeowner's Insurance.

    If you don't have it already, get yourself a good homeowner's insurance plan for your Mexico home. If you already have one, look it over. Does it even offer hurricane coverage? Many Mexico based homeowner's insurance plans do not offer hurricane coverage, and those that do require high deductibles and co-payments., a U.S. based insurance company, offers Mexico Homeowner's Insurance with hurricane coverage, available with fixed deductibles and low co-payments.
  2. Protect your belongings.

    If you are living in your Mexico home during hurricane season, pay attention to the weather. If a storm looks like it is going to hit, get your most valuable belongings out of the house. If you have a good Homeowner's Insurance policy, like the one from, you will have dwellings and contents protection. If not, you risk losing everything that you cannot carry to higher ground before the storm hits.
  3. Be vigilant.

    Keep an eye on the weather. In Mexico, it is easy to lose contact with the 'real world', but during hurricane season, you need to keep a close eye on the national weather service's storm tracking website. The more time you have to prepare for a storm that is going to hit, the more time you have to get yourself, and your valuables, to safety.
  4. Board up your windows.

    If a storm looks like it is going to hit, get boards up on your windows. These don't have to be special hurricane shutters, but they need to be thick and securely nailed to your windows. If you won't be in your home during hurricane season, take precautions by boarding up your home and packing up valuables so that they will be better protected in the event of a hurricane.
  5. Alert your renters of hurricane preparedness.

    If you are renting out your home in Mexico during hurricane season, be sure that your renters are given information on hurricane preparedness. In addition, protect yourself from liability be getting renter's insurance with your Mexican homeowner's insurance policy. If your renters are injured by a hurricane while they are on your property, you could be held financially responsible for their injuries. Many Mexico homeowners insurance companies do not offer this coverage. Mexpro's homeowner's insurance does. Read our Homeowners insurance FAQs.

Hurricane season can be damaging and expensive, especially to the unprepared. You can't control Mother Nature, but you can take precautions to ensure that even in the case of a natural catastrophe, your property and financial investments are protected. If you haven't already, get homeowners insurance on your Mexico property so you won't lose everything simply by being unprepared.