How Do I Cancel My Mexico Auto Insurance Policy?

Millions of people travel to Mexico every year. A large number of those drive their personal vehicle, which offers more flexibility while vacationing and is more affordable on longer-term trips. If these vehicles are legally driving in Mexico, they have Mexican auto insurance.

It's easy to purchase a Mexico auto insurance policy online before traveling to Mexico, but what do you do if you need to cancel a policy? What if you have an emergency or you've just decided not to follow through with your Mexico trip? These things happen from time to time, and we are happy to help our customers who need to delay, cancel, or change details on their temporary car insurance policies.

Computer with cancellation policy on screen

General Conditions for Cancellation

All refund information is available in the terms and conditions of your policy, provided when you purchased your policy (most likely by email). We have summarized the procedures below, but your policy documents prevail.

You must submit all cancellations in writing using our online cancellation form or you can call us toll free at (855) 639-7761. You will need your policy number and reason for cancellation.

Not Yet In-Effect Policies

If your policy has not begun and you wish to cancel it, fill out our online form or call us and we can refund your policy minus a cancellation fee.

In-Effect Policies (The Coverage has Started)

If your insurance coverage has already started, according to the date on your policy, AND YOU HAVE NOT entered Mexico, you can use our online form or call us to cancel your policy.

You must provide us with a notarized letter of cancellation stating you did not enter Mexico. The letter should state that the insured has not entered Mexico with the insured unit, include the policy number, and state that you will not file any claims on the policy. It must be signed by the person whose name is on the policy.

You will be charged a cancellation processing fee.

Daily Policies

If you have a daily policy (less than 6-months duration) and your coverage has already begun, according to date on your policy, it cannot be canceled or refunded.

Six Month Policies

Six-month policies are only eligible for cancellation within the first 20 days of being in effect. We cannot offer refunds after 20 days.

Annual Policies

Annual policies are only eligible in the first 30 days of being in effect. We cannot offer refunds after 30 days on annual policies.


Refunds will be made to the credit card you used to purchase the policy and should take one to three days. A cancellation fee will be subtracted from your refund.

Mexpro's 6-month and Annual policies are highly discounted. Canceling them early removes this discount. Therefore, canceling your policy will result in your being charged a higher rate for the expired time on your policy, which will be more expensive than the daily rate on your 6-month or annual policy.

Active policies will be pro-rated using the cancellation window, not the term of the policy. The premium paid will be divided by 20 for 6-month policies and 30 for annual policies. Therefore, you will pay a higher daily price for the time your policy was in effect.

Policy Changes

What if you want to travel in a different vehicle, you want to change your dates of travel, add a driver or towed unit? You can do all this and more on our policy changes online form. Under 'Submit a Request' click the drop-down box and choose what you need to do, fill out the form, and submit. We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.


How does Mexican car insurance work? With Mexpro, it is extremely easy, not only to purchase, but to cancel or change a policy. Regardless of what you want to do with your Mexico auto insurance, you can expect fast, seamless customer service with Mexpro.