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U.S. Auto Insurance versus Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance for Mexico

"Full Coverage" is a term that we commonly use in the United States to describe an auto insurance policy that includes, along with the required Liability coverage, both Collision and Comprehensive coverage. However, Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance policies usually don't even offer Comprehensive coverage as an option, which can lead to some confusion for those seeking an auto insurance policy for Mexico that includes more complete coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive are what we normally think of...

Collision coverage is probably the simplest coverage item to explain, since it covers physical damage to an insured vehicle when it collides with or is hit by another car or object, or if the vehicle is overturned. Comprehensive is more of a catch-all insurance item, grouping together coverage items for losses that are caused by those things that are considered to be other than a collision. Many U.S. insurers will quite often refer to comprehensive coverage as "Other Than Collision" or "OTC" coverage. Comprehensive, or Other Than Collision, is normally where we also find the coverage for Acts of Nature and Vehicle Theft.

What About Comprehensive Coverage in Mexico?

Unfortunately, Comprehensive coverage is usually not available on a Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance policy. Even though Comprehensive or Other Than Collision coverage may not be an option, you can still usually get a policy that will cover losses from the same types of perils that would normally be covered—just not under the same name.

For Mexico, if you select a policy that includes both Physical Damage and Total Theft coverages, it will normally also cover all of the following:

So, even though Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance policies do not offer a Comprehensive coverage item, a complete package of coverage is still available.

You can still get full coverage

So, important coverage for things like Collisions, Glass Breakage, Fire and Vehicle Turnovers are most often included as part of the Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance Physical/Property Damage coverage.

Acts of Nature or Natural Phenomena are also sometimes considered to be a type of physical/property damage as well. However, there may be instances where these types of coverage will be grouped under a different heading. Total Theft coverage is also a separate coverage item all by itself, instead of falling under the label of "comprehensive".

The important thing to understand is that even though "Comprehensive Coverage" is not an option for Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance, you can still purchase a policy that will have coverage that is quite similar, and will still allow you to fully cover your vehicle while driving in Mexico. If you have further questions about getting a full coverage policy for Mexico, or if you would like to receive some comparative quotes from some of the best "A-Rated" insurance carriers in Mexico, please visit the Mexico Insurance Professionals at their website, Mexpro.com, or you can give them a call at (855) 639-7761.