The Vaquita : the World's Rarest Porpoise

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DolphinsThe Vaquita porpoise is a small species that lives only in a 40-square-mile area of the northern part of the Gulf of California in the Sea of Cortez. This is the smallest living space of any marine animal in the world.

Only about 200 porpoises are alive today and the numbers are dwindling. Gill nets, used to capture shrimp—a big business in this area of the Sea of Cortez—is the greatest cause of death among the species. Called “bydeath”, the Vaquita are snagged in the nets and then drown.

In 2007 The Baiji, or Yangtze River dolphin, became the first cetacean species to be declared extinct in due to human activities. The Baiji lived in the Yangtze River in China.
Chris Johnson spent three years creating a documentary entitled, "Vaquita - Last Chance for the Desert Porpoise," in hopes of bringing attention to the plight of the Vaquita and keeping it from extinction.

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