Baja 1000 PART 3 - How many days, hours to complete race?

Interview with Alan Kohl of

Alan, how long does it take competitors to complete the Baja Mexico 1000 race?

"The competitors of the Baja 1000 off-road race are given an allotted amount of time to complete the race. The time allowed to complete a race depends on the length of the course.

Here are examples:

Nov 2009 (this year): Course length 672.85 miles. Time limit to finish: 31 hours.

Nov 2007: Course length 1,296 miles. Time limit to finish: 53 hours (finished in Cabo San Lucas)

Nov 2005: Course length 709 miles. Time limit to finish: 30 hours

Nov 2004: Course length 1016.13 miles. Time limit to finish: 40 hours (finished in La Paz)

Nov 2000: To celebrate the millennium, the race was 2,000 miles long. I don't recall how many hours they had to finish, but it was something like 80 hours. They finished in Cabo San Lucas."